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They are all good to great broadcasters in their own right but they don’t feel much like a team.

Kiwis like opinion at breakfast and while I don’t particularly like Garner and Richardson together (too much of the same reckons), it’s a more engaging product as Breakfast feels a bit too formulaic.


Yes Breakfast and Seven Sharp are pathetic now… TVNZ seem determined to make their shows as PC as possible.

I agree with this too. Started off good as Garner wasn’t so opinionated but over time it’s become a bit of an ego trip between the 2 of them.


Q&A isn’t airing tonight for the second part of Leaving Neverland.

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John Campbell presented 1News tonight with Wendy.


Thing I like about John is he likes to engage with the viewer and not just reading an auto cue.


Agreed. It does make his co-reader seem a bit robotic though.


Melissa Stokes filling in for Hayley on Breakfast this morning.

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I’ve got to say Melissa Stokes is soo natural on breakfast I just can’t understand how hayley holt has got the job on TVNZ breakfast no charisma at all


I do think it was strange that they appointed Hayley as Breakfast host so soon after the election in which she stood as a Green candidate. That being said, I do quite like her. Though they were apparently considering having Matilda Rice sat next to Jack. I’m not sure how that would have gone, TBH - at least Hayley is an experienced broadcaster, if not necessarily a journalist.

How long will it be before the next revamp, I wonder…

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1News showing a Reuters track at midday. Don’t think I’ve seen them use their content before.

On another note, I think TVNZ no longer has BBC content but I can’t be sure. They still have access to Sport tracks but it’s been a while since I’ve seen BBC used in news.

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Lucky TVNZ getting Reuters our Newshub Reuters line is unusable 90% of the time due to the position of the dish


Wow. Weird. Would have thought it’d be all FTP/web now?


They offer them as a package i think, one LIVE news feed and access to online content after live feeds

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I saw a BBC item on tonight’s six o’clock bulletin.

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I did a mashup of the Breakfast theme


Weirdly…tonight, 1News had a recap of the night’s top stories after the first break.

EDIT: I think that’s because John Campbell did a five minute live spot from the Chch vigil and a Sunday plug with Miriama Kamo. I reckon they’ve stopped an ad break tonight.


Seven Sharp reporter Claire Robbie presented 1 News Tonight tonight. First time presenting?

Also, does anyone else here think the weather music selections on Tonight have become a bit samey in recent months? When Greg did it he chose all kinds of eclectic tracks, whereas now it seems to be just indie rock/guitar music all the time.

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Off chance she may have read in her days at 3 but I can’t recall it.

Yeah it’s all fairly generic. Greg had a great taste and exposed me to some great tracks. It’s possible the new team decided to leave that because they couldn’t match it?