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Certainly think so, at least this side of taking over the 6pm bulletin back in 2006.


Seven Sharp might be instating an updated theme tonight from what I can hear during the previews. More pace in the beat and added percussion.


No doubt more efficient for TVNZ to produce this on Mondays as they can utilize people who would be around for Tonight bulletins.


I didn’t even see a theme tonight. Maybe I missed it…


Still gonna have to do pre records during the day I doubt many politicians want to do a live interview that late at night.


corrin dann is usually a good interviewer
on q&a but last night he was awful my wife commented how rude he was to PM and she is not a fan of hers


There’s definitely been a revamp to the Seven Sharp music. More upbeat, I quite like it.


Another element from the 1News current campaign.


Seven Sharp theme - from 2018


Continued great use of the AR Graphics tonight regarding Te Matatini, the “Maori Olympics.”


Erin Conroy doing the weather last night and tonight on 1News.


I wonder who will take over Q+A with Corin off to RNZ. Expect it will be Campbell but their last political shuffle was unexpected (Jessica Mutch Political editor instead of Katie Bradford or Andrea Vance).
Rebecca Wright’s overseas post is coming to an end, I would put her in the mix. She’s a sharp shooter, similar style to Tova O’Brien on Three, she would make a great political editor (or Q+A host, as I guess Mutch won’t be wanting to give up pol editor role before the election).


Yeah a tricky one.

Are we sure Rebecca Wright is leaving? I agree she’d be a great choice but the US correspondent doesn’t work like the UK/Aus one (2yr cycle) as the US reporter is freelance. (My source says it’s due to US work laws). So while she’s been there for 2 years now, she may not be home for a while.

I’d be looking at Tim Wilson for Q+A. Or maybe someone like Heather Du Plessis-Allan if she’s welcome back at TVNZ.


Just found this gem :rofl: Both Jeremys on the networks’ 7pm shows were out on the same Hugh Jackman assignment this morning.


Yup, she is. To quote article from Aug last year:

When Rebecca was offered the much-coveted two-year contract as TVNZ’s US correspondent, the timing was hardly ideal.

At the end of this year when Rebecca’s contract ends, the plan is to head back to New Zealand and settle down. “It’s where I’m from and where I want to be long-term.”


Interesting. Something might have changed in the way they award it. Cheers for the link.


They could always get Susan Wood back, if she were willing to do it? Or Jack Tame, if he wanted to pick up yet another job? :grin:

IMO they had the perfect Q+A presenter in Greg Boyed (RIP), before they moved him off to allow Corin Dann to fly solo.


Yeah I thought the same. He was a very natural fit for the show.


Still unsure if Susan is up to doing live broadcasting after her fall a few years ago, she has never done ZB since (used to be the fill in for breakfast and drive); as well as Q&A. Awful on so many levels and robbed us of a great presenter.

Don’t think Jack would do it. Short turnaround from finishing that til Breakfast the next morning, although I know they have couches at TVNZ he could sleep on :laughing:


Just watched half an hour of breakfast, nothing but cringe, I feel they’re losing any credibility they had left. Tv 1 is the wrong channel for this team in my opinion. Catering to the wrong audience I think.