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And how about Judy in that first intro, reading to 3 cameras in the space of 20 seconds or so.


Melissa Stokes filling in for Daniel this morning, who is on location in Waitangi.


Great use of AR graphics on 1 News tonight in their Waitangi Day coverage.


What they do with the AR Graphics is brilliant! Definitely the best news hour in the country.


Just came across that on Instagram, pretty darn impressive.


Is there any way he can be augmented into fortnite? :grinning:


Someone at TVNZ graphics obviously has an old school satellite fetish.

The dish used is, I’m guessing, from Warkworth or at least is a representation of it… plus it’s clearly a radio astronomy dish. The gear depicted wouldn’t have been used for TV for decades.

But I’m just being picky I guess, a bit of license is expected in graphic design so I’m assuming they’re trying to emphasise how TVNZ News is well connected with the world… and nothing says that better than a big satellite dish!


Holy shit. John Campbell’s presenting 1 News tonight.


Marvellous! Makes sense he’s now Simon’s back-up.


Great to see he brought his own pen… for no paper :joy:


Get rid of this Simon-whatshisface-dude and bring Campbell on 24/7!


I would have never thought I’d see John Campbell reading the 6pm news again (let alone on 1), with Hilary Barry on the 7pm show that follows! The handover banter was just great. Reminds me so, so much of 3 News.

The Weldon era ruined a lot.


New promo around for 1News. Talking about the number of things they do each day (phone calls, footage filmed, facts checked etc).



Not a bad promo, certainly something different than the usual spin we see from networks.


Just missing their “NZ’s most trusted news” tagline they were using for a while - was quite clever I thought after Newshub claiming to be NZ’s number one news source …


Q+A is back next Monday @ 9:30PM


1 News Tonight updates now promo the next morning’s Breakfast:


Former TV3 journalist Jendy Harper has been reporting for 1 News for a few months now.


She started at TVNZ at Holmes (I think)