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Simon and Wendy were on the new couch for the handover.



I still can’t buy Jeremy Wells in this role, its almost like he is playing a parody character or something.

I hope that handover isn’t a nightly arrangement it doesn’t warrant moving Simon and Wendy over there for something so quick plus less association with a news bulletin and that ‘programme’ the better.


To the detriment of everyone else in the office. I hope they don’t do that every year :grinning:


Nah, that’s just an excuse. NZ On Air funds local news on regional channels.

Dunedin has local news, tied in with their local newspaper. Christchurch used to have local news (until the shakies) plus another couple of smaller centres.

The problem is laziness in the boardroom, I think. Consolidation does that, and it takes smaller players, like the ones mentioned above, to fill the gap. Except it requires viewers to switch channel (if they have the option, not everywhere has regional tv) and just put up with it.


What I mean is, a house fire in Epsom is ultimately interesting to more people watching that bulletin than not. And there’s never going to be a full non-network bulletin again.

I agree, regional news is important. Growing up in Christchurch I used to love watching CTV. NZ On Air do a really good job of targeting that funding for regional media.


Would be good to see the back of those screens, they don’t fit in with the circular desks a smaller one would look good just not one that goes all the way to the floor.


I don’t see the hassle in them moving over for a couple of seconds? They’re all mic’d up wirelessly now are they not? They have no pens, no papers, all they have to do is log out of their computer.



Looks like one of the BBC’s Regional News Programmes with that couch.


During all the previews during the 6pm bulletin, there’s a backdrop of various images including a satellite behind Simon and Wendy, and the AB’s behind Sav.


Yeah but it’s a National News broadcast. There are other avenues for televised local news, albeit not ideal, but keep the 6pm bulletin national.


There’s not enough national news to fill an hour. NZ is so connected anyway, that even small community stories work on a national level.


It depends on the story telling.

If you present as a fire that damaged a building at Epsom, no one was hurt and there was limited disruption, then no one would care in most of Auckland let alone the rest of the country.

But if you tell the story of a poor widowed woman, estranged from her children, now impacted by a small but intense blaze which has left her with a building but stripped of a lifetime of memories… you have something that works everywhere.

There are no stories that shouldn’t be told… there’s just poor story telling.


Yikes, the scripting on Seven Sharp is over done and poorly delivered.

That exchange about renting out the children was cringeworthy.

If you’re going to try to be funny let it flow naturally, they’re both good performers but that was so hammy.

Same for the first report… trying too hard.


What being a national bulletin does do is actually makes big international news more likely to lead, in my opinion. A lot of those regional stories would be fine leads for local bulletins but since we don’t have them, I reckon international stories often become the default lead. Which is mostly good.

Check out a lot of the Aussie metro bulletins and they lead with the weirdest shit.


Can confirm.


Yep, a 30 minute bulletin works much better. We can cut the US-stories too, they’re only padding.


Speaking of which, 1 News is half an hour tonight due to the Black Clash cricket