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Correct me if I’m wrong, but neither 1 News or Newshub do introductory straps for their newsreaders at 6. (I have a vague feeling TVNZ1 might do sometimes but they haven’t over summer). It’s a mystery as to why they don’t, especially if there is a fill-in reader. At least on three they sign off with their names at the end but they don’t on 1.


1 News have always had introductory straps haven’t they? 3 last had them in the 2008-2011 package if I’m not mistaken.


Possibly. I know they haven’t been introducing Anna Burns-Francis that I’ve seen. They both used to employ voiceovers too.


Newshub briefly had presenters names under the logo of their intro bumper.


Ok there was a name strap for Anna tonight, but I don’t think it’s been on there all the time.


Even this here is cringe as…


Breakfast returns tomorrow morning, as an Australian, it just seems so weird that in 2019 a breakfast TV show has such a long time off. Today and Sunrise only have Christmas Day off.


There are a few reasons why the break is so long.

Most kiwis are still on holiday till the 14th or 21st of January so the viewing audience is small / not worthwhile to produce for. (no ratings during the break too)
As most of the teams are on across the year there’s no weekend or b team to come do the summer break, best not to alienate the audience with a new team.


And both channels can save some money.


Isn’t the entire population of New Zealand as a country around the same size (or slightly smaller) than that of the Sydney or Melbourne metropolitan areas?

This would probably explain why their breakfast TV shows go on such extended breaks (although our breakfast shows used to do this) and why NZ TV/radio is quite predominately national content from Auckland, even moreso than how Australian TV/radio is mainly centred around the two biggest cities with only a splash of national content produced elsewhere.


NZ has never has the state structure that Australia has. Government is centralised and the same laws apply nationwide. The state based culture that applies here just doesn’t exist across the Tasman. That’s not to say there aren’t rivalries… everybody hates Auckland.

Plus, perhaps most importantly, 1/3 of the population live in Auckland. 1.6 of 4.7 million people. If 8 million Australians lived in a single city , that city would dominate media and the national conversation even more than Sydney (and perhaps Melbourne to a smaller extent) does now.


I think as an Australian, I’ve just become so accustomed to having breakfast TV almost year round.


Yup. Even the ones who live there.



Most people I know (who aren’t in the media) take one week either Christmas-New Years or the week after New Years and that’s it. No more breaks until Easter or winter.

Has more to do with it.

Personally, I don’t hate Auckland*, but I do get very tired of hearing/seeing what is their local news, bandied about on national bulletins. Who in Southland cares if a house burnt down in Epsom?


Ultimately it goes back to the point @KnowItAll made about population base earlier.


My aunties and uncles both go on holiday till then most of them take leave from work right before Xmas to make the most of the weather. Plus if you plan the leave we’ll you can use very little.


Seven Sharp back tonight.

Hilary joined Simon and Wendy (also back tonight) by standing at the desk before the first break with a quick tease.


And Jeremy joined them at the desk before the second break.

No doubt a response to last year’s soft ratings. I think previously there were a couple of ads during 6pm and a throw from Simon and Wendy after sport to preview


And ahead of the third break, Sav joins S&W right at the desk for a sports tease (next) which then panned out to Dan at the far side of the screen with a weather tease.


Seven Sharp coming from a couch this year. Coffee table replicates the old desk. New look backdrop too. The show’s presentation has changed a bit since mid-2018.