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Agreed. But the young reporters are fine. That’s where Jack Tame and Marty McLean started about a decade ago and now they host the show.


True… young reporters are fine… hosts not so much.

Just my opinion, but I think the Paul Henry/Kay Gregory combo was the best team so far.


I was always a fan of the Paul Henry and Ali Mau combo but I also liked the Paul and Kay combo also, apparently we are in the minority though. I always thought Paul and Pippa together were highly overrated.


Same. Although Paul and Pippa go close for me.


Paul and Kay were great, I liked the pairing better than Paul and Pippa too. Both were far far better than Hayley and Jack combo though. That show now is so devoid of any personality they may as well cut costs and get robots (bilingual of course) in to replace them. lol


For me, Toni Street & Rawdon Christie and Paul & Pippa were the best pairings.

Re: Hayley & Jack, couldn’t agree more. When Hilary was there, it wasn’t particularly better either.


I don’t find Hilary a very easy watch at all on 1. After her years working with Paul Henry (another one of the best combos IMO), seemed to me on Breakfast (and now Seven Sharp) that she is trying to do her best PH impression.
Hayley at least is herself but doesn’t make the show any less of a borefest. Just my opinion.

I think Breakfast would still be going strong if Jeanette Thomas had joined Rawdon on the couch way back when, instead of Nadine.

I think the ratings would agree with you!


I’ve always wondered if TV3’s Sunrise would’ve led the ratings had it not been axed before PH’s resignation from TVNZ. The Petra Bagust-Corin Dann duo didn’t shine as brightly as hoped…


The Oliver Driver/Carly era of Sunrise was great. They should have persisted with it but it was on the back of the GFC and more financial issues for Mediaworks.

There’s been so many missteps with Breakfast recently. Personally, as weird as it sounds I’d try someone like (new TVNZ signing) Scotty Stevenson on Breakfast as the male host with someone like Anna Burns-Francis. Then I’d be grooming Jack to take over from Simon as newsreader at some point.


I quite liked Sunrise and there was a real positive vibe across the team I thought wasn’t present on Breakfast. Oliver Driver was a great addition to the show.

If TV3 held out a bit longer who knows what might have happened.


Ooh yeah. Scotty’s a great nab for TVNZ.


Yeah it could well have. I forgot about Petra & Corin! Awful but I didn’t think Petra deserved all the flak she got, Corin was not suited at all to breakfast tv and she tried to overcompensate a lot I thought (yes too much a lot of the time but still)

Now you’re talking! Very engaging as a host. Not many that can carry a show on their own but when she fills in for Hayley she really shows Jack and the rest of them up


I think Jack has a long long way to go before I’d ever want to see him as replacement for Simon. He still shows huge signs of immaturity and would take a lot for him to build up credibility for such a big permanent role.

Come to think of it there are not many males at TVNZ that have the type of seniority as Simon, especially with the retirement of Peter and loss of Greg. Daniel Faitaua doesn’t really do it for me either, who else is there? Probably no to Matt McLean aswell, he would be in the same pool as Jack atm imo.


I wouldn’t worry too much about it, they’ll just poach the next guy from Mediaworks!


1 News at Six with Tom Mcrae and Melissa Stokes?
I’d tune in for that!


Corin Dann? He’s the only person I can think of atm who would have a similar type of seniority to Simon. Obviously, in the past, I would have also said Greg, or even Rawdon Christie, as potential successors. Though speaking of Rawdon, I’ll always love that moment when he asked whether a man with HIV was blind, because his eyes were shut: :grin:


Tom’s actually worked for TVNZ before - he was their man on the scene during the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.


TVNZ must have bigger plans for John Campbell other than a podcast and a weird story about trains. Or would Dallow’s replacement need to be younger (they are both the same age. 54)


He’s due to begin filling in across shows this year and will no doubt go to RWC. But I agree, haven’t seen a great deal of productivity so far.


As absolutely wonderful as John Campbell is, I can’t see him being a long-term replacement for Simon Dallow for two reasons: as you’ve already pointed out, they’re the same age; also, I can’t see John wanting to finish out his career by going back to do basically what he did 20 years ago. I imagine Simon will be there for a few more years yet, anyway.