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Yep - the guard of honour is richly deserved for Peter’s distinguished career


‘See you next year Peter’


Oh God :roll_eyes:


Genius. :joy: If I was doing 1 News’ social media, I’d respond by quoting him thanking the audience for making 1 News “the most watched programme on NZ television every day”.


RadioLIVE host and newsreader Brin Rudkin has hinted (albeit subtly) that he will be working with Peter Williams at Magic Talk next year. I think Brin finished on RadioLIVE this weekend (his last show was a special edition In Focus programme on Saturday)?


Brin is working on the handover to Magic Talk as part of his role. He might continue with Magic Talk but from what I spoke to him about not likely at this stage

The special edition was to wrap up the Newshub Nation slot left and to give final remarks.


Could we see Peter williams on threes the project ?
As an occasional guest/ host maybe.
I would love to see Peter williams used to the max on MediaWork’s instead of being on Tragic Talk.
Oops Magic Talk
Peter is Top Class Talent, Age is just a Number


Great choice.


Not the biggest fan of Suo but she would’ve been one of the top picks by bosses.


Wouldn’t have been my first choice. Or second, or third. Someone like Melissa Stokes who has a more calm, relaxed presenting style works well for the late news. Jenny on the 6pm weekend bulletins perhaps…


I think Melissa is a bit annoying to be honest delivery wise anyway and her presenting style is far from calm and relaxed. Idk I’ve just never really thought she’s been ‘serious’ enough for news.


Anna Burns-Francis anchoring the 6pm news tonight.


I don’t understand the santa/weather updates - since when has the sleigh had jet engines and a big block engine with massive air-intakes? It seems the reindeer had been sucked into one or the other too?


Seemingly it’s called a “Thruster” lol
Oh how Daniel Corbett presented those Santa updates quite seriously lol


Why are breakfast broadcasting a wedding on Jan 29, some Disney Aladdin stage with Matt McLean marrying them? Seems tacky af, and tbh Breakfast has lost all credibility anyway with these less than casual teenage-like hosts.


Breakfast on tvnz 1
I agree with the “ Teenage like hosts” to a certain extent I feel ancient when I watch it I’m in my 40’s
The hosts are early 30’s - early 40’s
I feel Haley holt has a slight ego & doesn’t gell in the team.
The reporter’s are all very young.
Which I don’t think relates to the target demographic of tvnz 1 25- 54


Breakfast is, rightly, used as a training ground for 6pm.


Hmm, a live wedding sounds not too dissimilar to something our commercial network breakfast shows would do this side of the Tasman…


I think its great to see that breakfast has become the more progressive younger skewing show. Its just odd that its on TVNZ1 as its not a traditional place for them.

If you want conservative oldies winging and moaning then The AM show is your go to show these days.


Maybe so… but the blend must be carefully considered.

The audience is older and getting older.

You must not piss off your audience by having exclusively young hosts “lecturing” to the viewers. Older people won’t cop it. Nor will they cop excessive “giggling”

There’s little point going for young and funky because young and funky ain’t watching.