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Given there is an interview taking place on the couch, I suspect you’re probably right.


Looks like it might be used for Sunday.


1 News from the big set for the Bill English announcement. Will be interesting to see what they do for Midday, given the set has now been powered up, if they go back to the newsroom.


And yep they’re back in the newsroom, including a cross to Corin Dann in the newsroom, in which you can see the Midday set in the distance. :thinking:


Soft set used on Seven Sharp for an interview tonight.


Sunday shot from the 1 News set, looks really good especially with the camera angles!


I don’t know why but I have forever despised weather being presented from screens anywhere and everywhere. I guess for the presenter it’s kinda like giving an artist a canvas but nothing to paint with. irritates me a great deal.

Anyway when 1 started using the screen it made me more angry about it because for the likes of meteorologist Dan Corbett presenting the weather on the key Is a skill and for an actual meteorologist this is where their work pays off, being able to fully demonstrate/illustrate the weather. Now they just stand there like a small blimp and point. Nothing else. Takes away everything a weather presenter does for the viewer. So I guess if your going to play out the forecast on a screen get rid of the presenter, what’s the point?

Anyway this here, awful. https://youtu.be/DbBe4uWZwR0


There aren’t decent weather maps on any of the news bulletins in NZ. They’re all about pretty pictures rather than meteorology. If you want a reliable weather service, you need to go online, either niwa or yr.no. MetService (where the networks get their weather info from) is a joke.

My rant is over, thank you for your time.


Jeez Hillary gets moved around a lot.


Theres been minor changes to the 1 news now website. As far as I can tell they’ve only updated the font.


Happy Birthday to TeKarere who are celebrating their 35th birthday.


I think 1 news has best weather maps on tv tbh


Watch the history on Facebook above (You will need to turn on captions)

On February 21 1983, Derek Fox read the first official Te Karere news bulletin.

It started as a four minute news bulletin in the eighties and now airs daily at 4pm.

Over the years the programme has captured poignant moments in New Zealand history, often going where other news cameras don’t.

Te Karere brings a fresh Maori perspective to the day’s news and current affairs and is the highest rating Maori news programme in the country.


TVNZ 1 is using a ticket only for the announcement of Simon Bridges as new National Party Leader.

Ticker disappeared after about 5 mins


TVNZ is doing well.


Q+A back for 2018


I see theyve changed the AR for the weather a bit and use some AR for score cards in sports news.

Renee looks like she doesnt enjoy doing the weather infront of the wall, having to move round to show what shes talking about and staying on the other side as if she was in protest. Then when she was on Dunedin she was standing in the way of Mosgiel but didnt move just stuck her thumb behind her something like 21 your high Mosgiel.


We don’t have a Crowd Goes Wild/Prime thread but it’s probably more appropriate here. Melissa Stokes is filling in on Crowd Goes Wild tonight with Andrew Mulligan


Oh wow most unusual, especially since shes part of TVNZ’s commonwealth games coverage.


Just saw a black logo of 1 News at Midday on 1 News Now. Looked new and different, graphics update incoming?