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The AM Show narrowly ahead of it’s rivals Breakfast.


Hayley really shined during the panel segment I watched on Breakfast this morning. I think she’ll have proven to be a good replacement for Hilary when she moulds in with the show more… and when Jack gives her time to speak! :joy:


The blue swirling graphic behind the reader during 6pm (when they are finishing a story before moving to another, so no accompanying picture) looks terrible. I’m not sure what would work better but just not great.


Greg is now presenting from a stool on Tonight.


We’re excited to announce that presenter and radio-host, Jeremy Wells will join Hilary Barry as our new co-host when we return at 7pm on February 5th. https://t.co/fmX00bYPsc

New logo and look expect for 2018


I love anything Hilary is apart of!! Jeremy on the other hand… Stick to the meridian energy advertisments please! :joy:. I look foward to watching next week!!!


I think they’ve got the mix right… Seven Sharp and Breakfast are part news, part entertainment so makes sense for there to be one journo, one entertainer. Will be interesting to see the chemistry. I hope he continues the ‘Like Mike’ rants. He can be very funny … time for The Project to up their game!


Always loved Jeremy Wells, I remember him back as Newsboy when I was a child, when he assosciated with Mikey Havoc.

He was great on Eating Media Lunch and works very well with Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte.


They worked at Radio Hauraki for a while, albeit at separate ends of the day. I heard there was a falling out but I believed they patched it up.


Ahh I see thanks for spotting my edit lol I removed it because I wasn’t sure if anyone knew what I would be on about.


Excellent presenting team for Seven Sharp but its the format and the stories that need to change significantly before I would watch. Especially if its a younger audience they want which some articles and opinion believe. There is no point in tuning in for Hillary and Jeremy if your watching the rubbish Tim Wilson serves up each night.


I am assuming Seven Sharp will be presented from the new videowall set, in which case how will 1 News transition quickly into Seven Sharp. Seven sharp presented from a stool next to the video wall maybe? Or using the 1 News desk? Please just don’t use the terrible newsroom set!! Also I see from a recent instagram story that the previous 1 News set is still intact… wonder if it will still be used?


So this looks like the previous 1 News set, which has had another small renovation! Most likely to cater for (but not limited to) TVNZ’s Red Carpet show. this set endures!!!


I think they use it also for a couple of other programs. (can’t remember the name)


Those shitty darn screens live on




Did enjoy Wells closing the show with ‘Those were our people today, that’s Seven Sharp tonight’.


Breakfast now also uses the new side of the set IMG_20180205_210009


Why do they need laptops for Seven Sharp? Clutters the shot up.