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Anna Burns-Francis (Fair Go reporter and former Campbell Live reporter) stood in this morning for Hayley Holt who is on the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games. Not sure if she is on for the duration.


Caroline Robinson presented 1 News with Greg Boyed last night. Would have been the first time she presented a news bulletin since she finished at up at 3News I reckon.


Does anyone have any caps of this?


This now appears on the 1 News Now website on the newsfeed.


Melissa Stokes presenting sport tonight.


1 News Tonight has returned to the main studio for the first time since the new studio launched earlier this year.

Midday is not yet back in there. (Each show teams were getting trained up on the set).


1 News Midday is back on the main news set!


TVNZ Sunday 2018 Open & Close


Pippa Wetzell hosting Breakfast this week and it’s so much better.


Surprised watching the top story tonight and seeing former Good Morning presenter Sarah Bradley reporting!


Last I heard she was working at the UN…


Shes done a few reports in recent weeks. She did some reporting after her presenting role on Good Morning ended as well.

Sarah was also a reporter for 3News just in case you may not know :slight_smile:


Spot where the stock footage is from on the plasma backdrop…

(It’s not New Zealand)



Broadcaster John Campbell has resigned from RNZ to Join 1 NEWS. Exciting to see him return to telly! “he is likely to step in to present Tonight, Breakfast, Seven Sharp, Sunday, Q+A and 1 NEWS”


seems a bit like Patrick Gower’s national Correspondent role with Newshub but with anchoring responsibilities. Perhaps we might see Campbell anchor 1 News weekend when Peter Williams retires after this year? Just a thought.


Great to see John Campbell returning to TV.

Although I really hope I never see him do anything least of all present on that garbage they call Seven Sharp.


Returning to TV? Last time I checked Checkpoint was on the telly, Ch50.


Marama Papau of Tagata Pasifika has been reading news the last couple of mornings on Breakfast. Jack Tame is on holiday with Daniel in the main seat


She’s on for the rest of the week.


Shambolic Breaking News flipper placement on The Chase. Especially given it wasn’t really Breaking News by the time it aired at 5:45pm.