1 News NZ


No graphics changes to 1News.

However, Simon delivered the opening walking and talking along the megawall, which then went into the usual opener.

Feels a bit flat to me. I get the augmented reality gfx are coming so it probably would have been better to do it all in one go?


The 5:45pm update was presented by Simon walking through the newsroom.

Desk shots look really good and clear.


Oh boy TVNZ really are proud of that new gigantic video wall! :joy:.


That segment after the weather was cringeworthy. Needed to be better choreographed than what they did!


Opener seems lazy compared to last ten years imo


I don’t think a grand opener is really needed anymore. People have heard most of the day’s news by 6pm. But I agree, if you’re going to do it, do it well.

I would have the reader walking back on the catwalk to their desk while 1News opening titles plays on the mega wall behind them or similar. I also don’t mind Newshub’s route of new headlines and a lack of an opening sequence.


An update just aired from the newsroom set.

It looks like Tonight will be presented from there :confounded: seriously?!




It can’t be for long… they must be waiting on something.


Lets hope so considering how much Simon and Wendy went on about the set and the changes it brings in a ‘fast changing media landscape’. Although 1 News are generally fixated on the 6pm bulletin so I wouldn’t be surprised if all other bulletins are relegated to the hideous newsroom set permanently.




Would have thought 1 News now with a circle wall and circle desk that they could have perfected the single and double presenter shots. Newshub have it perfect and have since day one. Caps just from some reports online crap quality.

Camera needs to be a little lower than their eye level imo. Always looks like it’s high and look downward.


Real wish they didn’t use the wall for the weather. Just seems lazy and to me doesn’t really give the presenter a chance to get into the graphics like especially Dan. I dunno hard to explain why I don’t like it but I think it should always be keyed.


After watching the montage on YouTube I think it’s not too bad, should bring a pan back to the intro to sport, the tonight’s stop stories and coming up should be the same. I like the tonight’s top stories but but if they’re going to have a wide shot after it, maybe Simon should say during the pan “more on our top stories on onenewsnow.co.nz to’ to prevent the awkward stare off.


Breakfast montage

1 News at 6 montage


I still can’t get over that awkward end to the bulletin. Scripted so badly. Simon and Wendy should have been there waiting for Dan as he wrapped his weather, the awkwardness of him inviting them over!


The breakfast montage which I just watched was interesting

They seem to change the backdrop every 45 mins or so and use large scale images from getty as the boat image was used in the RadioLIVE studio for a while.

There see also payout issues where the video failed to play in the video wall and the camera stayed on it for a long time before cutting back to a wide shot while Daniel was moving around / reframing the shot


IVe never had a problem with Jack but after watching that video he needs to settle down a bit. Stop waving ya hands round, stop yelling at the camera and just calm the farm a bit, where’s ya professionality disappeared to lol this ain’t sticky tv. And yes we know you can speak Maori now etc etc but you’re going overboard.


Just took a screenshot of the Seven Sharp page showing a new logo. It also looks as if Hillary may be presenting solo? Further down the page it states it’ll be returning on the 5th of February.


Just read on The Spinoff that according to a source Jeremy Wells is likely to co-host along side Hillary Barry