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Best farewell to a set was 2008, when they turned the lights out on the Sunday (think Miriama was reading).

Of course the next night they unveiled the hideous ‘courtroom’ set which had more wood than a Ventriloquists Convention.


6 years! It’s lasted pretty well.

Onto the next one…


I think you mean on to the next 1


Good 1 :laughing:


Purple and peach (?) colour scheme for Breakfast. The flipper is purple with white text. However it’s the same design as previous with a different colour scheme.


Daniel reads news standing but to the left of the desk rather than the right.

The vision to accompany stories teased in the opener is shown via the wall rather than in full vision (camera set on the screen).

The Breakfast logo appeared on the screen above the presenters so no formal transition card.


It’s been mentioned the augmented reality stuff is still to come in the coming weeks/months so maybe more GFX tweaks to come then?


I’m not sure I like it. Purple is a bit too much, I think maybe they should have chosen a colour from in the weather box and left the weather box white.

Sucks no proper opening sequence still.

Don’t like the standing weather, one thing I hope doesn’t make its way to the 6pm forecast. Doesn’t work on Newshub, won’t work on 1 and hasn’t worked on any network.



I also DO NOT like how they’ve flipped up one of their now at least 10 year old plasmas up vertically. What the heck don’t be so lazy. A cylinder pillar would have separated the newswall and plasma better or even better no plasma but instead of physical element. Lazy.


This desk doesn’t work or whatever you want to call it. I don’t wanna seen unflattering shots of their legs dangling and moving all around lol


Who let the adults sit at the kids’ table?


I spoke prematurely… the set looks incredibly bland. Breakfast Graphics are terrible, Purple… seriously?? And the gradient they use reminds me of my old powerpoint presentations from primary school! overall still huge potential in this new set, it’s not being fully utilised, im sure they will find there way… eventually😆… meanwhile Newshub still killing it in terms of on air presentation.



Switching between TVNZ 1 and Three now makes The AM Show look pretty dated


I like the colour scheme.


Oh my…


There is a lot of background noise too.


That set up is so fuckn horrible ugh


Yeah they’ve had that set since late last year. I’d like to think they might go back to the big set from tomorrow after a reveal at 6, but it doesn’t seem that way.


I think if they want that set to work they need to remove that screen, those white and red things and have the platform an entire circle. Have a desk similar to Breakfasts new one, have two curved Samsung’s to our left and a bigger one to our right and have the newsroom as the primary presenter backdrop.