1 News NZ


Love to see Seven Melbourne take this look.


perhaps it would look nicer if the screen had a skyline shot. Something similar to ITV NEWS at TEN’s set from 2008?!


Wouldn’t work in New Zealand. All the news comes from Auckland but everyone outside of Auckland hates Auckland…and some of those in it too…


yeah ITV received alot of backlash on the 2008 set, according to viewers the set was too “London Centric”. So i understand the problem of it being too Auckland Centric. But hasn’t one news already done this in the past? I seem to recall one news used the Auckland skyline for it’s one news at six and tonight programmes from 2004 till 2006. Also Sunrise ( when it aired on TV3)!


From memory it was only Tonight that used it and it while it was Auckland, it was more the look of a generic cityscape (no Skytower etc iirc).


New breakfast promo airing at the moment showing the new set in ‘breakfast’ mode. Only shows a round desk but it would be nice to have a couch on the set somewhere to change it up a bit. I for one will be glad to see the back of that hideous old breakfast set!

While on the topic of Breakfast I am still really surprised by the lack of promotion the show receives. They made a bigger effort during Hillary’s time but they should be producing daily promos telling the audience what’s on the next days show e.t.c.


They used to do this up certainly in the Paul/Pippa era and before, but I don’t know when they stopped.

I’d like to see them return, but the problem is the promos were recorded at 9:05am when only the Lifestyle segments in the 8-9 hour were confirmed and not the harder interviews.

Still, they could easily whip up promos of ‘best of today’s show’ or do a quick 15 second promo to air at night with a quick voiceover recorded once what is on the show is known.



I LOVE IT! Just needs a round couch :raised_hands:t4:


What a small table ._.


Hope they haven’t replaced orange with a pinky purple orange. Looks a bit cheap.


The screen looks WAY better with a proper panoramic image on it rather than just blue graphics.


TVNZ1 broke in with Jacinda Ardern’s media conference at 12:30pm, presented by Daniel Faitaua.




Looks great


Love the new studio for Breakfast and 1 News.


Looks mint. Hopefully Midday and Te Karere don’t come from that newsroom set anymore. Hideous abortion of a setup that is.


For those who might not be able to see the video watch here.