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Haha! Again, would love to know how this happened/why the playout system still had the old version loaded. The current 1News theme has been in use since 2015.


Such a better theme than the current one.


At a guess sound was being done by someone who maybe doesn’t do the news hour and located a end of bulletin track?


I think the old music always sounds better after you’ve had the current one for a few years. Would be nice to have a bit of rotation occasionally.

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I did think, though, on hearing that again just how much more powerful it is than the current music. Would love a version of that to come back with the next big revamp.


Breakfast on air until 11.30am this morning


1 News should’ve sent Simon Dallow down to Napier for this evening and had Melissa Stokes or Wendy Petrie in the studio. Single headed anchoring can be limited in this situation.

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Mihingarangi Forbes had worked at TVNZ in the past when she was part of the Te Karere team as a reporter.

John Cambell who was already in the area was live on 6pm tonight. Yes I do recon that they should’ve had him anchor from location with Simon in studio

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JC is in Tairawhiti though… I think they needed Simon (or Wendy) on the ground in Napier.

Having said that, John’s PTCs are unrivalled, they were lucky to have him on the ground…


1 News extensive coverage from 5:30pm tonight.


Interesting to see that the same thing is still happening in reverse even post-merger kaput.

Some technical gremlins with the Hipkins feed according to Melissa Stokes on Midday. And then suddenly, RNZ’s web feed appears. Along with a nice surprise on the screen when the stream ends.

Judging by the framerate, it looks like a basic webrip.


I think RNZ are happy to share media conference feeds with TVNZ for web streams and their feeds have also appeared on the Herald/Stuff from time to time too. Think the favour is returned from time to time.


There could be a new legislation on renewed merger that will attract cross party support

There won’t be.

Because public media bill is a mistake and hope there is a better legislation to make TVNZ non commerical

1 News reporter referring to a ferry as a ‘vehicle’ in a report this evening… :roll_eyes:

Great A.I tonight on the Te Matatini Herenga Waka Herenga Tangata Festival story intro

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(11-12/03/2023) Wendy Petrie presenting the 6pm bulletin this weekend with Sam Kelway on weather for the first time.



Daniel Faitaua is moving to Seven Sharp.