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That seven sharp backdrop looks so much better when it’s not displayed on their normal shit ton of small screens.

Looking at the image it’s being filmed at NEP studios in Parnell.

Ah yes, cheers google.


1 News Tonight from the Temporary Studio

TeKarere from the Temporary Studio

Breakfast Friday
John and Jenny in studio, Haylee at Eden Park


Who’s Claire? She looks like an Aussie :joy:

Looking at 6PM and Seven Sharp last night looks as if it came from NEP also judging by the screen behind Jack and the fact he was there for the Seven Sharp handover.


Did midday come from there too? As it looked like Chris was also standing during the programme.

Looks like they did also

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Some Auckland interviews also coming from what John called “The Other Broom Closet”

Anyone at TVNZ read this? Breakfast please revert to the old intro sequence! Sting > headlines > titles > welcome. Right now it’s just a mess and I will never understand why they stopped doing it. They have plenty of time to kill so that’s not and issue and imo stop having the newsreader stand, looks stupid having to watch them get up and sit back down!



Breakfast at NEP this morning they seem to have a bit more of a set up there now.


Looks like they might be there for the rest of the week with what they’re saying. Nice studio though


Shame they don’t sit at the sofa on the 6pm. Do they see it as too informal? Red is part of their brand lol


Most Likely.


They should just have them small screens with the generic background loop and maybe a bit closer and portrait lol

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Other than the backdrop being a bit dull, that setup arguably looks better than their normal set.


Jack is a far better newsreader than he was breakfast host, his delivery and tone is perfect. Future Simon Dallow?

I’d say so. Jack or Daniel. Breakfast to Q+A host / Europe Correspondent - either moving on to host 6pm from those gigs would be a pretty easy transition.

In all honesty I kind of find Daniel over rated… doesn’t do anything to impress me anyway. I’m not sure why but I just couldn’t see him myself being a replacement for then 6. Just a fill in.

Simon and Wendy still have a good five years in them at least. I just hope their next duo is as long term and the past two duo have been.

What are people’s thoughts on the duo standing presentation?