Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Seven is currently looking for “home cooks who are passionate about baking and desserts” for what it describes an the as a new dessert making competition, Mumbrella reports.

They need a replacement for the disastrous RR and I guess they’ve noticed the success of Aus Bake Off on the Food channel.

Well Nine once aired Bake Off and IIRC it didn’t rate to well.

This is a joke isn’t it? What are they thinking, or not thinking. There’s a reason Bake Off only had 1 season on Nine. Has flop written all over it.

Good show for a Saturday afternoon in winter. That’s about all. :stuck_out_tongue:


It depends on how well they do it, but I don’t like their chances. The recent Aus Bake Off on Food was far superior to the one on Nine (despite one or two horrendous judging decisions) and rated very well for where it was. The producers went out of their way to replicate the highly successful original British version in format, look and feel, and did a pretty good job of it. If Nine had had that it might have done well for them. It will be hard for Seven to come up with something both original and good.

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The next BBQ Heroes?

The Sunday Telegraph claims Adriano Zumbo could host the new dessert show.

Wondering whether the new judge on MKR might be associated with this. They have been promoting her as a “dessert queen.”

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Overall I just find dessert shows too niche. The public love cooking shows but a lot of people like myself don’t really eat desserts and people are a lot more health conscious these days so desserts just don’t have as wide an audience.

However if it’s fronted by Adriano Zumbo maybe it stands a small chance. Could it be some show to become the apprentice of Adriano Zumbo? It may have slight potential but still can’t see it lighting the world on fire.

Isn’t Zumbo contracted to Ten for MasterChef?

He wouldn’t be contracted for life.

@Channel7: Adriano Zumbo @zumbopatisserie
will go in search of Australia’s sweetest home cooks on Seven’s new Just Desserts.


Zumbo whips up new desserts show for Seven

Coming Soon

Adriano Zumbo goes in search of Australia’s sweetest home cooks.

Australia’s very own Willy Wonka - Adriano Zumbo - will host Channel Seven’s exciting new cooking show.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts will search for Australia’s sweetest home cooks. Under Zumbo’s watchful eye, amateur dessert makers will put their sweet making skills to the test. Who will rise to the challenge? And who will crumble?

Adriano Zumbo is one of Australia’s most celebrated patissiers. From his melt-in-the-mouth Zumbarons to his show-stopping croquembouche, his sweet creations are legendary.

The Prince of Pastries says he’s looking forward to unearthing the country’s best sweet makers.

“Who doesn’t love desserts? It’s everyone’s favourite course and this show will be a trip into my wonderful world of pastry,” Zumbo said. “I can’t wait to share my latest sweet creations – they’re out of this world!”

Zumbo’s Just Desserts - an original Seven concept from the makers of My Kitchen Rules - is coming soon to Seven.

Topic title changed to reflect this media release

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Daily Telegraph reports tonight that Rachel Khoo (last seen as guest judge on MKR) has flown to Sydney to be a judge on the new show, currently filming. I didn’t expect to see her back in Australia so soon. However I won’t be surprised if the show uses the same studio as MKR given it has most of the required cooking equipment.

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Rachel Khoo joins Zumbo on JUST DESSERTS

Acclaimed British chef Rachel Khoo will host ZUMBO’S JUST DESSERTS alongside Australia’s most celebrated pâtissier, Adriano Zumbo.

Rachel was last seen on Channel Seven as the surprise judge on MY KITCHEN RULES, charming audiences with her fair but honest critiques.

On ZUMBO’S JUST DESSERTS, she’ll be at the helm with Zumbo as they go in search of Australia’s sweetest home cooks.

Amateur dessert makers from around the country will put their sweet making skills to the test until the ultimate dessert king or queen is crowned.

Having studied and trained in French Pâtisserie in Paris, Rachel says: “I’m super excited and looking forward to focusing on what got me into food. Plus I absolutely love desserts.”

This will be her first time working with Adriano Zumbo. “I’ve admired his work for many years. He’s got an amazing talent for making not only stunning looking desserts but also desserts that taste as good as they look.”

The chef and best-selling author has worked with some of the world’s top chefs, including Jamie Oliver. She has also filmed five cooking and travel TV programs in the past four years, including Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Melbourne.

ZUMBO’S JUST DESSERTS – an original Channel Seven concept from the makers of MY KITCHEN RULES – is coming soon.

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Good pick up. I just wonder if this show will manage figures like MKR and House Rules.

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Adriano Zumbo is doing well at the moment between having this show on Seven whilst being part of the revamped Postcards on Nine

The Sunday Telegraph says Brazilian-born pastry chef and former model Giovana “Gigi” Falanga will be Adriano’s assistant on the new show. Gigi worked at Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney under the guidance of head pastry chef Anna Polyviou (who appeared on MasterChef a couple of weeks ago) but now has her own cake creation business.
It will start after the Rio Olympics with 12 contestants competing.


Is this the Restaurant Revolution replacement?