Nine’s coming after me now… Schapelle corby coverage, Today show & Morning news they don’t seem to like - 2 copyright strikes… if i’m closed down I won’t be able to get back very early day content from Sep-Dec of 2014 on my channel.


Jeez, i’m sorry to hear that. :frowning: This is just a suggestion, but it might be a good idea to either download the Sep-Dec 2014 content (so you have a copy of them saved) or upload them onto Archive.Org. It would be a shame if those recordings were lost for good.


Seems a slow road to get the message across to all impacted, you’ve been posting this quite frequently of late.

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I know that I have been, but this could very well be the last opportunity to preserve content. Once content is deleted, it can be lost forever. There would be hundreds (if not, thousands) of media-based recordings across YouTube which may be permanently erased. I mean, look at what happened to SydneyCityTV’s channel. Thousands of videos all gone, just like that.

It might be annoying to others that i’m mentioning Archive.Org so much, but i’m trying to do it for everyone’s benefit. I don’t want to see valuable content lost for good. That’s why it’s so important that content is either achieved or downloaded. Once the content is gone, a part of our media history is gone as well. You can’t get that back.


Agree, certainly not annoying at all. Surprised that some are slow/don’t have contingency plans.


Bit of an Update… Apologies for the double post but Seven & Nine videos have now been privatised… but uploads will still continue under unlisted and I’ll post links to the videos in relevant threads. :slight_smile:

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I wonder how closely Nine reads Mediaspy?

My total guess is that the Nine content that people post on Twitter and Instagram maybe isn’t a problem for Nine as it is generally very short and is usually someone shooting their television with their phone.

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I’m not sure how closely they read the site, but I’d definitely say that people at Nine (and most, if not all other networks) would at least have to be aware of it.


Has anybody ever received any copyright claims from the ABC or SBS?

I would imagine they may not be as stringent as the commercial networks.


I remember Televite (older members here may remember Evo!) had a Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL episode (show on ABC) taken down, but that may have been by the production company of the show.

Someone else may know more or have other experiences!

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I think the ABC & SBS are mostly OK with YouTube, although expect a takedown notice from them (as others have in the past) if you ever upload anything like a recording of a satellite feed of content you aren’t supposed to see on TV.

Ahh yes, I remember Evulant/Evo. Aside from his incredibly interesting (to say the least) fascination with the Seven News globe, didn’t he have a meltdown about upscaling SD recordings to HD? Or am I thinking about someone else (which is quite possible, because there’s been a lot of interesting characters on Media Spy who’ve come and gone over the years)?


Possibly someone else, but I do remember that - hence my channel on YouTube having 4 copies of the same Seven News promo in different encoding settings.

To be fair to them, the conclusion probably was that upscaling then uploading, provided a high enough bitrate, was actually better quality - marginally, but still better. Essentially YouTube encodes ‘HD’ videos at a much higher bitrate.

I’d suggest people unlist/set to private rather than remove the videos - that way you can then go through and download the source video in the YouTube creation suite, as long as the video isn’t already blocked worldwide. I don’t expect my channel would be at risk, but it’s a good opportunity to go through and back it all up.


His hatred of that globe was absolute gold in the early days of my lurking on Media Spy! I thought it looked pretty bad too, but he had an extreme hatred of it. From memory he also disliked ABC News 24 presenter Nick Grimm, and really liked Scott Bevan!

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Media Spy: The Early Years

Australia is among 155 countries to get live streaming of Spain’s La Liga Segunda (second division) soccer matches, effective immediately. The matches will have English commentary.

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I wondered why a decades old video I uploaded to You Tube several years ago was attracting more than a few comments today. It turns out Fox News linked to it in a digital piece as an example of misogynistic behaviour that wouldn’t be tolerated in 2019.


Oh wow! Which video?


You uploaded a good range of videos.

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