YouTube has launched a new site design and logo as of today.


A bit mixed on the new look, some improvements but it is going take a while to adjust to the new site.


I remember the site redesign in 2010 where they changed the layout significantly (removing the star ratings) went down like a fat kid on a see saw. The Google+ debacle was probably 10x worse than that.

This is like a drop in the ocean in comparison. The layout is basically identical to before, but there are a few graphical tweaks.


They’ve been testing this site design for literally years at complete random (maybe 1 in 10 of my youtube visits went to the beta version of this site on average), never had any issues with it and honestly wondered why it’s taken so long for it to become official.

The roll-out isn’t all that consistent either - Currently logged in on my PC and it still hasn’t changed, though some basic graphical elements (the logo and the shade of red used on the menus) have.


Yeah, I was wondering if YouTube TV was going to be mentioned here, but it has only recently started in the USA so if we ever see it, it won’t be anytime soon.


YouTube TV isnt too bad, but can be a bit confusing. I use it for US TV. Doesnt have a guide, so you have to rely on the search or reccomendations to catch the shows.

NBC Golf is probably my most watched channel, then NBC, ABC, BBC News, Freeform and CBS. For the selection, it’s pretty good for what I pay for and happy with the unlimited cloud storage option for my pvrs.

The new logo looks nice.

Not to sure if YouTube TV would work here, only because you can watch most of the Free to air channels for free with Freeview app, it would seem rather pointless?


Would be good, don’t use the Freeview app, not interested in apps. Closed ecosystem, old thinking.


Thats very true, well it aint bad so far, Youtube TV does have its great points. Offers closed captioning (as I am hard of hearing) , 4 different sports channels :stuck_out_tongue: I am in literally heaven.


I got the update a few weeks ago on my desktop but only got the change this morning on my Surface.

It’s a nice little update. Also means the Theater mode is bigger on the tablet screen, which is a nice change. Easier on the eye. However, I really hate how little support YouTube has for touchscreens on Windows. I’m surprised they haven’t made a YouTube app for Windows 10 yet.


I’ve had this new update for months on my PC but the logo changed for me yesterday.
Certainly prefer it over the previous site design.


Google/Alphabet (I still have trouble saying that idiotic parent company name) are still hating Microsoft, even though MS have given up with Windows phone, etc.

They can’t ignore the large Apple’s iOS user base (& how much the users spend compared to Android users) but they do the minimum on Microsoft Windows to drive users to their services (their Chrome browser & not much else), even though Android tablets are crap now they’re trying to push touch-screen enabled Chromebooks.


I uploaded a promo for MKR a while ago. It’s about the Russian contestants and plays on typical Russian stereotypes. It’s attracted a bit of commentary from unhappy Russians. Today, I got a copyright claim on it, blocking it from being viewed in Australia. Funny that, eh? I wonder what kind of feedback prompted a response like that?

Video title: GWN7 Promo: My Kitchen Rules: The Russians are Coming (2018)
Claimed by: Seven Network
Blocked countries: Australia


These are the comments. Obviously some Russians aren’t happy with it (not that YT commentary is a good indicator of what people actually think)

So once again it seems like Seven has used their copyright clout to remove a video that paints them in a bad light. I’ve had it happen before. It’s their content, they’re free to take down whatever they like, I just don’t like how they’ll turn a blind eye to most content because it effectively promotes their product without them having to do anything. But if it’s questionable or controversial content then out they come all lawyered up!


That’s odd, Seven claimed one of my videos today and blocked it to anyone outside of Australia:


That is odd. With mine being blocked in Australia only, It’s as though it was to fulfill a request to get rid of the video only for someone at Seven who lives in Australia! Or they ticked the wrong box? Who knows.


I got this on a Home and Away promo last week, blocked outside Australia…


I think Seven blocked these promos on YouTube because of existing distribution deals with overseas networks. Given these new episodes of MKR and Home and Away will be shown in other countries in the next 12 months Seven did not want viewers outside Australia to get spoilers.


Why don’t you fight it? Doesn’t YT give you a right of reply?

Seven need unfavourable coverage of their copyright claims by another media outlet, Streisand effect is well at play in 7, they have no idea how to create a good image for themselves. In this digital age, their content will be shared, they need to learn how to work with it not against it.


Why would they fight it? It’s certainly Seven’s copyright and they have the right to do what they want with it. They could have chosen to blast the Youtube channel from existence, but they didn’t - so they aren’t acting in bad faith here.


Yep, they’ve blasted two of mine in the past. Like I said, it’s their content and have every right. It’s what they choose to exercise that right on that irks me. I’m not prepared to fight anything - it’s a lost cause. I know the risks when I upload their content.