You're Back In The Room

Daryl Somers in the new TV Week says filming on “five episodes” will be “all knocked over in January, then we’ll see [if there will be more]”

I reckon that this show will be the Mesmerised of 2016. In other words, lasting only one episode.


Looks like there were more filmed (or they weren’t happy with what they got) as two extra days of filming happened last week. Filming was scheduled to take place at Fox studios from the 4th-8th, but the 11th and 12th were also added according to emails I received for tickets.

Saw a promo for this tonight. :scream: Truly worse than I was expecting. Didn’t Nine see the failure that Seven had late last year with Mesmerised? My conclusion from the promo is that the only way somebody could think Darryl is funny these days is by hypnotising them into believing it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I read somewhere that they struggled to get decent content from the first recording and had to refilm. Perhaps they could have just let this one go

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I am struggling to find a reason why nine went with Darryl to host this show.


Blackmail? :stuck_out_tongue:


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He knows where the bodies are buried. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually like the look of the show… However I feel nine may have done an Australia’s Got Talent and shown all the good bits on the ads. I think I’ll give it a go though.

Some people never learn. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they got the hosts mixed up - Daryl on AGT and Hughesy getting stuck into this would have been more interesting.

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###Daryl Somers is back in a crazy new game show

Starts Sunday 3 April

Showbiz legend Daryl Somers returns to television to host an uproarious new entertainment program when You’re Back in the Room premieres Sunday, April 3, on Channel Nine.

Contestants in this truly hypnotic game show will have the opportunity to win big, but pocketing the cash will be anything but easy.

Standing between them and their fortune will be their own subconscious thoughts, because in You’re Back in the Room each contestant will be hypnotised by world-renowned hypnotist, Keith Barry.

Barry will put them through a series of crazy games where tasks need to be completed in order to win a maximum cash prize of $20,000 for their team.

After he has messed with their subconscious is when the fun really begins. Mayhem ensues as the contestants lose all inhibitions, making for the funniest television you’ll see all year.

The cash pot accumulates throughout the show before the contestants attempt to win as much as possible in a fast-paced final where they’ll have to work harder than ever to overcome their hypnotic hindrances.

Is it crazy that they made this game show or crazy that Daryl is hosting a show again? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The promo says “real people” can win “real money”… Does that mean other shows have fake people winning fake money? Lol


The future of Hey Hey may well depend on the ratings of this show…

The only good thing to come out of this show is if Goggblebox decides to review it! :wink:


Mesmerised rated 411,000 on a Thursday for its premiere and was axed immediately by Seven. Do we think something similar will happen with this?

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Was at a wedding last weekend and this show was being talked about at our table - and surprisingly in a good way.

I doubt it will work but I know a few of my uncles and aunts will be watching it