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Fox Business simulcast is SD. Might not matter on 95 but 601 deserves better.



Business Breakfast (8/10/2018)



Not sure when it changed but Business Breakfast is now only Monday mornings from 6am to 9am with Tuesday - Saturday mornings now having Fox Business programs, Making Money with Charles Payne, Countdown to the Closing Bell and After the Bell instead and Trading Day Countdown starting from 8:30 Tuesday - Friday.



Makes sense really… the big business story first thing in fhe morning is what Wall St is doing and how it closes so they might as well stay with the news.

When the audience and resources are limited it’s sensible to use them on shows where you’ll get more bang for your buck.

You’ll probably find business breakfast or something similar will return in winter when wall sr closes much earlier AEST.

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Steve Baxter, formerly on Shark Tank, is a mentor on a new program RiverPitch starting on Tuesday. Source: The Australian.


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Fauziah must have joined a little while ago as she’s on right now doing the Your Call segment.

Probably rolling her eyes at some of these callers.

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(Your Money CEO Kylie Merritt) said the integration would happen over the coming weeks, but insisted Your Money’s digital presence across social, Foxtel Go and 9Now will remain unchanged.

AdNews adds Your Money’s standalone website will close, and its content will move into other sites, beginning with



Interesting it didn’t take off the way it was off was kinda dead on arrival . Wonder how long before they just give up on The actual channel itself and put it back to sky business . Sounds like to me it’s been bleeding since it’s launch and it’s on it’s way out slowly.



I think Nine’s merger with Fairfax creats a conflict of interest given Nine now owns The Australian Financial Review.

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If News is mostly funding the channel as seems to be the case and Nine is making money out of it, presumably it will continue until News pulls the plug?