Your dream TV network


Not sure if I like the repeats of shows you have in prime time. Really the only thing that you have on there is Neighbours in prime time that is only new. Futurama has been axed so it will be endless repeats, (but The Simpsons is still going)

You have kids programming/news in the arvo/ and entertainment in the evening which is 80% full of repeats. I like the logo though, but it just seems to be disorientated. What would you think Six purpose would be? If it would be a BBC Programming channel based off their channels for an international audience?

It’s not bad though I just think for entertainment in the evening there should be new content. Even if you just make it up :stuck_out_tongue: You could always make a 6+2 channel which could have the classics that way your main channel could focus on being entertainment. :slight_smile:


My revised network structure. It would essentially be a local varient of Seven and the News and programming would differ to suit each broadcast area.


Channel Six

12:00 BBC World News (Simulcast)
1:00 Your 4X4
1:30 American Pickers
2:00 Home Shopping
4:00 NBC Today
5:00 Seven News Early
5:30 Sunrise
9:00 The Morning Show
9:30 Late Show with David Letterman
10:30 Home and Away
11:00 Ice Road Truckers
11:30 Seven News Morning
12:00 Local Programming
2:00 Fawlty Towers
2:30 Happy Days
3:00 The Chase UK
4:00 Seven News Afternoon
5:00 The Chase Australia
6:00 Seven News Vic
6:30 News Centre 6
7:00 Home and Away
7:30 The Simpsons
8:00 The Simpsons
8:30 Futurama
9:30 Beavis and Butthead
10:00 Bobs Burgers
10:30 BBC World News (Simulcast)
11:00 Home Shopping
11:30 Batman

Six Two
All The Classics

6:00 Home Shopping
7:00 - 9:00 Local Breakfast
9:00 - 10:00 BBC World News (Simulcast)
11:00 Ellen
12:00 BBC News at Noon (Simulcast)
13:00 Afternoon Movie
14:00 Home Shopping
15:00 Top Gear
16:00 Hogans Heroes
16:30 Cheers
17:00 Judge Judy
17:30 Knight Rider
18:00 News Centre 6
18:30 Married with Children
19:00 The Simpsons
19:30 Futurama
20:00 South Park
20:30 Batman
21:00 Happy Days
21:30 Cheers
22:00 BBC World News (Simulcast)
22:30 Home Shopping
23:00 Last Week Tonight
23:30 Fawlty Towers
00:00 Home Shopping


Not bad if it’s a classic channel, but my question is why put the BBC World news on a Classics channel?


I believe the viewers should be kept up to date with the latest News now and then.


News updates, yes but not a full news bulletin. Don’t think it would work. 7two tried that, and that was a national bulletin and didn’t work. I think the news is better off on the main channel. Not many viewers would care about the news, if they are watching a multichannel. It would switch me right off. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to see the schedule for the Six Network’s multichannel 69.


Adult Programming 24/7!


Ellen is not a classic, so why would you put Ellen on 6TWO , when it’s a talk show ? It would be better on the main channel weekdays. Just to point out :slight_smile:


Considering how long Ellen has been on television I’m pretty sure you can count it as a classic.


It’s a talk show, so I don’t consider it a classic , but each to their own though. I definetly wouldn’t schedule on a Classic channels :slight_smile: but we all can have our own opinions.


Six Network

Shows I would run:
Six Mornings
Six News Early
Six News
Family Feud
It’s a Knockout
Australia’s Got Talent
Tattslotto Saturday
Six Sports Daily Wrap
Six ports Weekly
Q and A
I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here
Get Me Out of Here Extra
Hey it’s Sunday Night
Today Tonight Six
Discover Melbourne
Discover Victoria
Discover Australia
The Western Front
Six Kids
Modern Family
The Simpsons
Disney Movie Night
Family Movie Night

Horse Racing
Melbourne Cup Carnival
Spring Racing Carnival
Autumn Carnival
Big Bash League
Women’s Big Bash League
Test Matches in Australia
ODI Matches in Australia
T20I Matches in Australia
Women’s Internationals in Australia
Ashes in England
ICC World Events
AFL Women’s
AFL Grand Final
Selected JLT Cup Games
Brownlow Medal
AFL Draft
NRL Women’s
NRL Grand Final
Super Netball
Diamonds Internationals
Quad Series
Wallabies Internationals


Lucky network to get all that sport. Who is the backer?


Well in government mandated world and with the backing of Sky News, the liberal party and Centrelink comes the fascinating mandates free to air Jobsactive. A free to air dedicated digital channel launched for job seekers with quality standard definition and internet streaming programming.

6:00am: Morning Alarm
With latest job news , tips and how to use the job active web site . Produced by Centrelink staff members in Wagga Wagga.
9:00am:Centrelink Hotline
11:00am: Centrelink Live: Mirrabooka Life
Catch all the action from today’s Centrelink office in Mirrabooka.
4:00pm.: Get off!
A drama series focusing on the wonderful world
Of working for the dole.
5:00pm:Jobactive News


Six ports weekly? We are talking the ones that ships pull into, or the ones you get shit faced on? :stuck_out_tongue: