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This is my dream TV network schedule, from observation locally and overseas


TV-FOUR is a Malaysian channel which focuses on lifestyle, humour, news and international programmes.

It will be on cable and satellite TV soon.


**All programmes are in Malay unless stated otherwise


5.30 - DayBREAK (Early Edition)

7.00 - DayBREAK

9.00 - Children’s Programmes

  • Odd Days (Mon, Wed, Fri): Disney Cartoons
  • Even Days (Tue, Thu): Nickelodeon Cartoons

10.00 - Lifestyle programme 1

10.30 - Lifestyle programme 2

11.00 - Asian serials


12.00 - Midday News (incorporating Business Today)

12.30 - Asian serials continuation (if the serial lasts longer than 1 hr) - otherwise, Lifestyle programme 3 or / and 4

13.30 - Parliament Today (on sitting days only), otherwise PowerLunch Politics

14.00 - Greater Chinese shows

17.00 - Malaysian serial 1


18.00 - Mandarin News

18.30 - The Chase Malaysia

19.00 - Islamic programmes

(given that Maghrib Prayers in Malaysia is around 19.00-19.30)

20.00 - Main News

21.00 - Millionaire Hot Seat (Mon-Wed); The Chase Malaysia (Thu & Fri)

21.50 - Malaysian serial 2

Around 22.30 - 23.15 - Late Night News (incorporating Business Tonight, Sports Tonight and weather)

23.30 (depends on duration of LNN) - Late night programmes / movies


1.00 - Infomercials

1.30 - handover to Channel NewsAsia



7.00 - DayBREAK weekend

9.00 - Sat: Children’s programmes (movie / Chibi Maruko Chan / Peppa Pig / Kiteretsu, etc.) Sun: SUNDAY (incorporating SUNDAY Financial Review)


12.30 - Midday News

13.00 - Sat: Greater Chinese programmes / movies; Sun: Korean programmes / movies

14.30 - Sat: Bollywood movies; Sun: Kollywood movies


18.00 - The Chase UK

18.30 - Malaysian Weekender

18.45 - Mandarin News

19.00 - More children’s programmes (Crayon Shin Chan, Doraemon, etc.)

(short break for Maghrib Prayers in Malaysia around 19.00-19.30)

20.00 - Weekend News (incorporating SuperSport Weekend)

21.00 - Saturday Night Movie (any language)

Between 23.00-23.30 - Weekend Late Night News

23.30 - Late Night Movie (any language)


1.30 - Hit music videos

3.00 - Handover to CNA

schedules will be amended during the Malaysian Football League season OR sporting events involving Malaysian sportsmen OR breaking news

Sports channel, mostly broadcasts association football leagues overseas (i.e. Champions / Europa League, English Premier League, Spanish and German leagues, etc.)

Also broadcasts Olympics, Commonwealth Games and sporting events like the FIFA and Rugby World Cups.


Is that the Aussie one?


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With the reduction in quality in Fox Sports News, Stan Sport should develop a linear 24/7 Sport News channel on Stan and other digital services.

Monday - Friday:
6am - Sport Breakfast – The latest sport news and scores from Australia and Around the World
8am - Bill & Boz – A humorous way to start your morning looking at sports around the world
9am - Morning Sport - The latest sport news and scores from Australia and Around the World
10am – Back Pages – All the key stories from the back pages of the national newspapers
11am – Undisputed – From FS1 from the USA, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless debate the biggest headlines in sport.
12pm – Gerard – Live simulcast of SEN show Gerard
1pm – Afternoon Sport - The latest sport news and scores from Australia and Around the World
3pm – Sports Bet – All the betting odds for all the sports around the country
4pm – The Rush Hour – Live simulcast of The Rush Hour from Triple M Melbourne
6pm – Stan Sport News - The latest sport news and scores from Australia and Around the World
7pm – Teams – All the teams and changes as the games happen
8pm – AFL Tonight – All the key results and news in the AFL
9pm – NRL Tonight - All the key results and news in the NRL
10pm – Rugby Heaven - All the key results and news in Super Rugby
11pm – Final Score – The results and news as the day ends.
12am – ESPNEWS Simulcast

Played around with some simple graphics for it as well. (Mocks are not my strongest)


People from all over the world, including New Zealand, create their dream television networks. When it comes to scheduling, I have found a piece of nostalgia courtesy of the NZ Listener (at Takapuna Library).

Applications to apply for a warrant to operate New Zealand’s third national television network opened in 1985 and coincident with that, media commentator Warren Mayne wrote a piece for the Listener in regard to programme scheduling.

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Interesting stuff. I didn’t realise there were quite that many operations vying to broadcast… wonder who was behind them all?


@TV4 Here are the snapshots in regard to the scheduling of programmes on a third television network.


How did it take you 23 days to upload the rest of the article?

Not a nitpick, just strange.

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@LiamP @TV4 asked me just one question.

According to a Listener article by Warren Mayne, here are the people behind the third television channel warrants in New Zealand. There were four regional warrants: Auckland/Northland (region 1), Waikato/Bay of Plenty (2), lower North Island (3) and South Island (4).

Southern Cross Television was partly owned by Wilson & Horton (the then publishers of the NZ Herald), NZI Corporation, Fisher & Paykel and Independent Newspapers Ltd, which was based in Wellington at the time. It had inherited the $12 million broadcast television complex located in the Auckland suburb of Mt Wellington.

Alone of the four ‘majors’ Southern Cross nominally was not an applicant for all four regions. Instead it went to one extreme in having a standalone associate, United Telecast Corporation (UTC), as its ally in the Waikato/Bay of Plenty region, and to the other in promoting two fully owned Southern Cross subsidiaries as the regions three and four applicants.

Meanwhile, Impact (ITV) was partly owned by Fletcher Challenge, New Zealand News, Chase Corporation (which was the owner of Amalgamated Theatres), the Owens Group and Brierley Investments.

Tele-vid 3 (TV3) was founded by Tom Parkinson (formerly head of entertainment at TVNZ). Radio Pacific (Auckland), the Gisborne-based Thomas Corson (Waikato/Bay of Plenty), Manawatu Radio or 2XS (Wellington/Central North Island) and Skellerup Industries (South Island) were part owners of the TV3 group.

Energy Source Television (ESTV) was partly owned by Barclays (NZ) Ltd, the merchant bank.

Meanwhile, the independent news warrant was a major feature of the third channel system - the Broadcasting Tribunal was empowered to hold up issuing regional warrants until a satisfactory news operator was found. Legally, the news company would be issued with a separate programme warrant to broadcast at set times over the regional operators’ transmitters and could, if it chose, be self-supporting, selling its own advertising time.

One of the news warrants was Independent Television News (ITN), associated with ITV. Three of the four corporate giants behind ITV held together only 30% of ITN’s shares (the fourth ITV backer, NZ News, opted out to avoid criticism of cross-media ownership and ties with Brierley). The other 70% was held by ITV’s founders - notably film producer John Barnett, chief executive designate Barry Soper (a former television journalist now a longest-serving parliamentary reporter) and former radio journalist Brett Ambler.

The other applicants were Regional Television Network News (RTNN) in conjunction with the Southern Cross/UTC banner, ESTV News and Tele-vid News (TVN). TVN was headed by former magazine writer/editor and current affairs interviewer Marcia Russell; ESTV’s by Graham Weir and former Press editor Norman Macbeth; and RTTN’s by former Herald editorial writer Gavin Ellis and former judge Peter Mahon.

There were two other contenders applying for warrants to operate in one region only. Onshore Services, headed by airline steward Larry Tompkins, had a staff of 22, including a group of people associated with various short-term holiday radio stations. Onshore’s proposal for Auckland was basically reliant on buying in all programming on contract from independent producers and the format was solidly music video, of all styles of music.

Civic Enterprises, backed by Christchurch lawyer/businessman John Rutherford, was a long-established property company refashioned as a potential television operator proposing a series of interlinked low-powered local stations in Nelson, Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill.

Challenging all the conventional commercial third channel applicants is Aotearoa Broadcasting System (ABS), first regarded as a token application aimed at airing the Maori case for a better deal from television, as a first step for a more ambitious proposal to be laid before the Royal Commission into Broadcasting.

ABS proposed limited hours of service - two hours at lunchtime devoted to talkback, marae outside broadcasts and other participation programming from 12 noon, reopening at 6pm with a bilingual diet of news, comedies, documentaries and access programming, most geared to Maori cultural and community interests, before the movie (at 9.30pm). The 9.30pm slot was aimed at the non-Maori audience.

The crucial element in the case was not so much the specific programming but the fact that the decision making on the channel would be from a Maori perspective and in Maori hands.


Interesting stuff, but you didn’t answer MY question.


@LiamP My brain is, as always but sometimes, overloaded as it took over two weeks to upload. That’s my answer.

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Fine, that’s a decent answer. Thank you.

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@LiamP As always, you’re more than welcome.

Thanks for that Paddy, lots of info there. It seems it was probably always a two-horse between Southern Cross and TV3, judging by that article.

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My idea is a network called GTN.
Here are our news, panel and main programs:
GTN Early News
Monique Wright
GTN Breakfast
Natarsha Belling and Micheal Usher (Mon-Fri) or Sally Bowrey and Damien Ryan (Sat-Sun)
News and Sport with Lara Vella (Mon-Fri) or Jacqueline Felgate (Sat-Sun)
Entertainment with Edwina Bartholomew (Mon-Fri) or Brooke Boney (Sat-Sun)
Weather with Jane Bunn (Mon-Fri) or Aislin Kriukelis (Sat-Sun)
GTN Morning News Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane only
Robert Ovadia (Mon-Thu) or Vicky Jardim (Fri)
Sport with Tom Rehn (Mon-Fri)
Weather with Jane Bunn (Mon-Fri)
GTN Morning News Adelaide
Rebecca Morse (Mon-Wed) or Mike Smithson (Thu-Fri)
Sport with Max Burford (Mon-Fri)
Weather with Jessica Braithwaite (Mon-Fri)
GTN Morning News Perth
Angela Tsun (Mon-Tue, Thu) or Tracy Vo (Wed & Fri)
Sport with Steve Allen (Mon-Fri)
Weather with Syan Dougherty (Mon-Fri)
GTN News Now (Similar to former show Nine News Now)
Louise Momber
Sport with Danika Mason
GTN Afternoon News All markets except Perth
Robert Ovadia (Mon-Thu) or Vicky Jardim (Fri)
Sport with Tom Browne (Mon-Fri)
Weather with Chelsea Carey (Mon-Fri)
GTN Afternoon News Perth
Angela Tsun (Mon-Tue, Thu) or Tracy Vo (Wed & Fri)
Sport with Steve Allen (Mon-Fri)
Weather with Syan Dougherty (Mon-Fri)
GTN News at 5 (Weekends only)
Mark Ferguson
Sport with Matt Shirvington
Weather with Sophie Walsh
GTN News Gold Coast
Bruce Paige
Sport with Dominique Loudon
Weather with Liz Cantor
GTN News at 6 Sydney
Peter Overton and Angela Cox (Mon-Thu) or Georgie Gardner (Fri-Sun)
Sport with Cameron Willams (Mon-Thu) or Matt Shirvington (Fri-Sun)
Weather with Angie Asimus (Mon-Thu) or Sophie Walsh (Fri-Sun)
GTN News at 6 Melbourne
Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern (Mon-Thu) or Alicia Loxley (Fri-Sun)
Sport with Stephen Quartermain (Mon-Thu) or Laura Spurway (Fri-Sun)
GTN News at 6 Brisbane
Melissa Downes (Mon-Fri) or Katrina Blowers (Sat-Sun)
Sport with Wally Lewis (Mon-Fri) or Katie Brown (Sat-Sun)
Weather with Paul Burt (Mon-Fri) or Ebony Cavallaro (Sat-Sun)
GTN News at 6 Adelaide
Jane Doyle (Mon-Thu) or Rebecca Morse and Mike Smithson (Sat-Sun)
Sport with Nicki Barnet (Mon-Thu) or Corey Norris (Fri-Sun)
Weather with Amelia Mulcahy (Mon-Thu) or Gertie Spurling (Fri-Sun)
GTN News at 6 Perth
Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr (Mon-Fri) or Monika Kos and Micheal Thompson (Sat-Sun)
Sport with Lachy Reid (Mon-Fri) or Ryan Daniels (Sat-Sun)
Weather with Samantha Jolly (Mon-Thu), Amelia Broun (Fri) or Elle Georgiou (Sat-Sun)
GTV News at 6 Darwin
Housnia Shams (Mon-Thu) or Paul Murphy (Fri-Sun)
GTV News at 6 Tasmania
Guy Stayner (Mon-Fri) or Melissa Russell (Sat-Sun)
Sport with Tom Johnston (Mon-Fri) or Issac Nowroozi (Sat-Sun)
Weather with Selina Ross (Mon-Fri) or Ruby Commane (Sat-Sun)
The Verdict Panel program
David Speers, Peter Mitchell, Jane Norman (Mon-Wed), Annabel Crabb, Leigh Sales, Greg Jennett (Thu-Fri)
The Election Review Panel program
Antony Green, Patricia Karvelas, Matt Wordsworth and Ellen Fanning
Under Investigation Crime solving, real life
Liz Hayes, Dimity Clancey, Brady Halls, Jessica van Vonderen
Behind The Ball - AFL Edition Sports panel show
Sam McClure, Mitch Cleary, Sam Lane, Nat Edwards
Behind The Ball - NRL Edition
Roz Kelly, Ricky Stuart, Craig Bellamy, Erin Molan

Today Tonight South-East
Hugh Riminton
News, Sport and Weather with Rebecca Maddern
Today Tonight Adelaide
Rosanna Mangiarelli
Weather with Gertie Spurling
Today Tonight Perth
Tim McMillan
60 Minutes
Tara Brown

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Does it seriously matter?

What? That’s his name.

What sort of a name is that? Makes it seem like they are ‘behind the 8-ball’ (i.e. late to the party). Maybe ‘On the Ball’ would be a better name?