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Caps of first show:


Nine have done well with this show. There is a gap in the market for something like this on a Saturday morning.

Next question- what news set is this being produced from? I’m assuming Melbourne.


It’s merely filling the gap left by Sky News Business/Your Money which had a Saturday morning real estate program which featured similar content and showed live auctions happening in various states

Another waste of time.

However it looks great on the set.

Yes, it is from GTV.

Nine have put a lot of effort into this- graphics are nice, hosts are good and they even had live crosses. It’s a decent program but, unfortunately, I can’t see it lasting. Like Financial Review Sunday- great local production that was too costly.


I don’t think it’s a major expense on Nine. The reporters are from Nine News so they would already be working regardless. The only extra cost would be the presenters and maybe additional production staffing costs.

Plus they get to promote their 60% owned domain business. It’s a massive ad for Donain and given they’re second in the market for real waste this is valuable cross promotion.


1st episode available on 9Now.

I reckon if this becomes successful, Nine might revive Australian Financial Review since they own this masthead now and could possibly do similar program for Car Advice as well.

I don’t really think people use Domain, so it’s obviously promotion. is the go-to option for most people.

As a renter I’ve always found more listings and better search functions on Domain, may vary from areas to area. I guess it’s a bit of legacy from the old Age classifieds in Melbourne.

Well, it’s obviously paid content but they are just two different companies. Domain is Faifax/Nine and is News Limited.

While may have more listings, Domain attracts more prestigious listings so the value of the business may be closer than you think.

From an article which talks about the differences.

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Caps from yesterday’s show:


Where is this shot? TCN or GTV?


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Today’s show:

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