Yanny or Laurel?


Definitely yanny



Yanny - but I did hear Laurel once. I really don’t understand :man_shrugging: Even when I slow it right down…


Okay. Now I’m hearing Laurel. This is scary haha.


But I did hear Yanny too. It’s weird.

I watched the story on The Project while I was at the gym with headphones and heard Yanny. Watched it back at home on the telly and it’s definitely Laurel every time. Huh?

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Laurel… But I heard yanny a few times when it’s been played over background noise. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Honestly, how can you get Yanny out of that?

  • Yanny
  • Laurel

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The first 3 or so were Yanny for me before all I could hear was Laurel until the end, my friend in the same room said it was Yanny the whole time for him :man_shrugging:t3:

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It was Yanny every time for me.

I can’t work out how some people are getting Laurel out of it.

The K&JO show is the unlikely place to suggest an answer, but apparently it’s got to do with the frequency we focus on (Base or Treble) in the audio - that or another glitch in the Matrix.


Definitely hear Laurel.

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Sounds to me like 2 audio tracks overlaid on each other, one saying Yanny, the other saying Laurel. I hear both names simultaneously every time I’ve listened to it.

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My best mate’s name is Yanni. I am currently having a field day calling him Laurel.


I have listened to this many times and I’ve heard Laurel every time except once in the middle, the Laurel changed to Yanny. It was bizarre yet I’ve only heard Laurel since.

Last night I was at my parents and we were playing it on my phone. My mum and sister were hearing Yanny (I was hearing Laurel). We then put it on a bigger speaker and what she was hearing changed to Laurel. I consistently heard Laurel and my sister consistently heard Yanny. It just boggles the brain!

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Ok. That’s freaky.