XMLEPG / Australian TV Channel List

Thanks for the clarification. I reckon the HD logo on the info plate is triggered when it’s a 720p or 1080p/i stream. This makes sense as the IP versions are available through iview and SBSOD are mostly 720p. Probably explains why Foxtel don’t treat them or advertise them as HD with a mixed bag of resolutions on offer.

Foxtel viewers getting a better Freeview linear experience is interesting. Just goes to show the benefits of having ownership over end user equipment. The transition from terrestrial to IP is a lot easier!

Should also note after checking today’s satellite scans that very recently the SD satellite versions of the ABC and SBS channels have changed transponders for some reason.

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Sorry I copied and pasted my Ballarat list and forgot to change a few things

So Mt Gambier is

51 - 10Bold
52 - 10Peach
62 - 7Two

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I believe another reason why it’s not being advertised is that they’re still testing it - I recall there were a couple of other channels that they were doing this with as well (I think MSNBC might have been one)


Must say that this list looks much more better than the default Plex XML, or what I have sourced from XMLTV.net

Anyway I can integrate this into my Plex server?

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Thank you for posting this in the Digital TV Technical Discussion thread. I just want to ask how local are the names for SCA and WIN’s channels across Tasmania? Is there only 7 Hobart & 7 Launceston, or do other areas also have local names like 7 Strahan or 7 Devonport? Or do they just use 7 Tas outside of the two main centres?



They have Hobart & Launceston for 7 & 9, while 10, ABC and SBS are all statewide muxes.

North and south are pretty simple. Translators on the West Coast and north of St Marys on the East Coast (inc South Sister) take the northern feeds from Mt Barrow, while the East Coast south of Bicheno and the other southern translators take Hobart from Mt Wellington.


I see. So there’s pretty much only either “Hobart” or “Launceston” in the 7 & 9 channel names depending on which feed the translator picks up. Thanks for clarifying!

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Yep, just Hobart and Launceston for 7 and 9 and 10 have Tas instead across the whole state.

I think in the analogue days the West Coast used to receive the southern stations which was a bit odd as for everything else they’re associated with the North West and North.


I’ve split Tasmania into a Hobart and Launceston list now.


There’s also been some progress with a new setting that switches the channel names to their actual broadcast names instead of the clean/full ones I’ve been using for consistency. So far I’ve only done the Tassie bouquets in list view, but the rest of them will populate over the coming days.


Quick question @WAtvVideos, how do you know the exact channel names for certain places in Australia. Did you go to certain cities to do a channel scan?

Information posted here and on other forums, as well as common knowledge (for example, there are only 3 regional networks these days, so naming style will be from one of those three)

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Thanks. By the way, do all the multis for Seven Queensland have their locations in their names like metro.

Such as “7Bravo Brisbane” and “7Bravo Cairns?”

I have been told 7mateHD, 7Bravo and 7flix don’t have city names on them in RQLD. @TV.Cynic should be able to confirm this.

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City names on all channels except Racing in regional Queensland.


In Mackay for example, are these the channels and their correct names?

7HD Mackay

7HD Mackay

7HD Mackay

7twoHD Mackay

7mateHD Mackay

7Bravo Mackay

7flix Mackay


Thanks. Have updated the actual channel names on the 7 RQLD markets. :+1:

I don’t believe Seven use the HD add-on on 7 in RQLD as they’re not technically full spec HD.

By ‘not full spec’ do you mean not MPEG-4 (MPEG-2)?

By the way @WAtvVideos, I would expect the region names to be present in RQLD as STQ is O&O by Seven.

Not 1920x1080.

Ok. Sorry to let you down. :man_shrugging: