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No surprise there. It was always a safe harbour for Mel after SCA’s mishandling of the Hot 30 call.

Deano would be happy he got three years out of her.

Meanwhile, Marty keeps on keeping on at i98, a market dynamic Wave simply have to wait it on and provide consistent programming to be credible alternative.


With the sudden departure of Mel Greig, Jade Tonta (formerly Papesch) has returned to Wave FM breakfast, joining Travis Winks & Chris Lee, the latter having joined breakfast in June. Jade previously presented breakfast with Travis in 2012-13.

Source: Radioinfo



What will they think of next?


Deano Kesby stunt brilliance all over it. Thinking now, I’m surprised he hasn’t done it earlier!


I can imagine the ceremony now

“Will you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife? Would you like fries with that?”


Why? Just why?


Seems to be some interest, the CH9 news story on Facebook alone
has received 1.5 million views.


Given that most everything else happens within the house of Ronald*, I don’t see why knots can’t be tied.

*A mostly teenage workforce, mixed company, and a whole lot of boredom. You connect the dots!


This year’s ACRA nominations on among the two Wollongong stations, as announced overnight.

  • Best Newcomer On-Air (Provincial): Christie Hayes (i98FM)
  • Best Documentary (Non Metro): Troll Free Day Radio Special (Mel Greig, Wave FM) (she’s no longer with the station)
  • Best Achievement in Production (Provincial): Cei Saunders (Wave FM)
  • Best Community Service Project (Provincial): i98FM’s Illawarra Convoy (i98FM)



Deano Kesby does it again.

Well done @Deano.

This is classic hard work, big pay off work.

Reminiscent of what Deano grew up with at 104/2DAY/B105 but which to their detriment, fail to replicate today.

One tactic does not make a station and it’s a long road to climb over the dominance of the TV/radio combo in the market, however Wave are on the right track.


i98 has won all two of their ACRA nominations.

This is the 10th time that the i98FM Illawarra Convoy has won an ACRA for “Best Community Service Project (Provincial)”.


With Wave FM continuing to struggle way behind i98 in the latest radio ratings, in which the gap between the two stations has continually been increasing since 2014 to 12.9%, they should look to their sister station in Geelong, Bay 93.9, for inspiration: https://onlineradiobox.com/au/bay3bay/playlist/

Whilst Grant having 2 stations instead of just 1 in the market helps, Bay 93.9 has a more adult music format, whilst the CHR/Top 40 market is covered by sister station K Rock. Geelong & Wollongong markets are similar in which both are in the footsteps of a metropolitan market.


Today marks 60 years since ABC Illawarra went to air as 2WN.


Appears that i98FM have dropped their local nights show, with Carrie & Tommy now airing in the 7-9pm slot.


Why would they do that?


Just play automated music. The majority of C&T fans would’ve already heard them at 3pm.

i98 please don’t become like SeaFM. Be like Star104.5.


Also, i98 now has Red V Radio at 8am Saturday mornings, which focuses on the news & views on NRL, particularly on the St George Illawarra Dragons, which is a half-local team in the region. It is presented by Anthony Maroon (former one-half of the popular Maroon & Milly breakfast show in the 90s) & Shaun Timmins.

Meanwhile, Wave FM’s breakfast line-up has changed again, this time to Jade, Straney & Trav, with Chris Lee having moved to afternoons. With i98 now airing Carrie & Tommy in evenings, Wave is now probably the only commercial station in the region that is local (albeit automated) during that timeslot.


No conflict of interest with Maroon’s SCA contract?