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Former i98 presenter Fairlie Hamilton has made her on-air presenting debut for ABC Illawarra this morning, her first since joining the station in July.

The last ex-commercial radio presenter to have an on-air role with ABC Illawarra was Steve Parsons, who has presented breakfast for over 20 years, followed by another 9 years presenting mornings on 2WL/Wave FM before leaving the station in 2005, and then joining the ABC the following year.


i98FM Christmas ID in similar style to the WIN IDs:


ABC Illawarra is reintroducing its local drive program from next Monday, to be presented by Lindsay McDougall, formerly from JJJ. It previously had its local drive program from 2008 to 2010, before it was replaced by Statewide Drive.

That means for the first time in nearly 8 years, there’s a main alternative to Wave FM & i98 for a local Illawarra drive program on radio.


Wave FM are currently doing “20 Years in 20 Days”, where they play songs from a certain year each day from the 80s & 90s. For example, today, they’re playing songs from 1980.

More details: https://www.wavefm.com.au/20-years-in-20-days


She’s due to start on the station from Monday 16th April, in which she’ll assume a spot on the daytime lineup, as well as helping with music scheduling & the station’s social media strategy.

Elsewhere, I’ve noticed the other day that i98 now has the “Old School Hour” at 12-1pm weekdays, playing music from the 80s, 90s & 00s.


Good work by Deano, Dean Kesby. Tiffany has a great mentor and boss.


i98 Content Director, Tony Aldridge, is leaving the station to take up a role as Content Director for Mix 102.3 & Cruise 1323 in Adelaide, commencing from Monday 19th March.

Source: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/two-new-content-directors-arn


The revolving door at the i98 PD’s chair speeds up and up. Can’t seem to hold on to them. Why is that?



Where did Justin work before i98? Bathurst?


Yes. He was at B-Rock where, along with being a breakfast presenter, was also Program Director for the station, as well as for its sister station 2BS.


Thanks, I thought so. Ken Sparkes’ nephew.


Wave FM is doing the “Top 40 Countdown”, counting down 40 songs from a certain year throughout the day. For example, today, they were focusing on 1995.


Great idea Deano Kesby.

Quite often, Carey’s Countdown on Hot Tomato will cover 20 songs from say a year, month or week.

40 songs over a day allows for lots of discussion, announcers should be brushing up on their google skills for lots of prep to go to air.


Are the 40 songs played in order (from 40 to 1) back to back, or is it interspersed with other songs?


They played it in order, back to back.


Wave FM has a new logo, as well as its new positioner, which is “The Illawarra’s Best Music”.


Having a listen to Wave and they’re using SCA terms like Street “Squad” and have their “VIP” list for their online music survey. Also their logo now including a bit of red is closer to a Hit logo.

Maybe just preparing to block it if i98 were to ever be sold to SCA.


Even their online imagery - I spy watermelon and teal here:


From next Monday (30th July), Wave FM will be doing the “Throwback 500” countdown.

Source: Wave FM website