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Bit of a pivot for WIN - they’re going to be a property developer



Wonder if WIN Television & i98FM will eventually be relocated from Coniston to WIN Grand?

Level 8

Level WIN

Level 10


WIN is already involved in property and have been for a long time, just a matter of plans and timing.

Holy shit. That’s a first for a regional network.

39 story high rise in Wollongong! That’s pretty major

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And at the top shall stand the largest and brightest mappy in Australia


Bruce the Builder has been buying up properties on that block for the last 30 years starting with the hotel in the first cap. The original home of 2 Double O, the radio station that became i98fm after Bruce Gordon purchased it, was upstairs in that building. I always wondered what he intended to do with the area. It’ll be a pretty good legacy to leave the city on which he made such a mark. Most of the buildings west of the mall have been neglected for decades. High rise apartment buildings have been popping up around town for most of the last decade.


Have WIN outsourced DDA operations to TPG?

What do you mean?

DDA is the company (owned? or joint venture?) by WIN and was founded originally for the microwave distribution of regional television.

It has a number of other network related services so it’s not unfathomable that they may merge or outsource some of their services to TPG.

according to WIN NEWS: WIN’s Ballarat headquarters are on the move with the 61-year-old Ballarat studios no longer fit for purpose. the walker street site here in Ballarat has been sold with developers to take control late next month. the story didn’t say where the new victorian headquarters will be

edit: Friday 29/04.2022. the above information I used was from a news clip win news uploaded to their win news Ballarat Facebook page. they have reedited the news clip. and WIN TV Ballarat will now be based out of their Mt Helen building with over 40 staff

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Suite 2, 2 Enterprise Grove
Mt Helen VIC 3350
PO Box 691, Ballarat VIC 3350

03 - 5320 1366

03 - 5333 1598
same phone number its on their website


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