Why can’t I receive the new TV channels? – A Guide to 7HD, 7mate HD, 7flix, 9HD, 9Gem HD, 9Life, 9Rush, 10 HD, 10 Shake, ABC HD, SBS HD, Viceland HD and World Movies HD

Regional SA should be split into two as half the state gets their ten from SCA and not WIN.

However, this is a guide about the new TV channels that have started up recently especially those that some can’t receive because they are MPEG4.

So 2 rows?
One named “???” - that has WIN HD only
One named “???” that has 9HD, 9Life and WIN HD

Regional South Australia has two markets:

Mount Gambier/Riverland = WIN monopoly (SES/RTS)
Port Pirie/Broken Hill = SCA monopoly (GTS/BKN)

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I’m not 100% sure, but it’s my understanding that 9HD is not available in the Port Pirie/Broken Hill region currently.
Also, I think Regional WA does not receive 9HD and 9Life. @WAtvVideos?


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9HD and 9Life are not available in WA or SA. The table also fails to mention Mildura, Vic and Griffith, NSW which are in the same boat as WA and SA.

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Looks great!

I’m surprised Darwin doesn’t have 9Life… it’s a Nine owned and operated station isn’t it?

Correct. It’s never been clarified just why 9Life wasn’t launched there though I guess it was just deemed not sustainable. Darwin is a stand alone market with only 120,000 people.


I have made a start at updating the article. Still needs some work though.

Knowing that ABC HD will have it’s December (re)launch in MPEG4, perhaps it might be soon time for an update in this thread?

New channel grid posted in article that incorporates ABC HD and Ten HD in NNSW. Not sure if it has caught up with the latest changes in regional areas though. Also some info on ABC HD.

Article and channel grid updated to reflect current 7HD situation.


Also, the FAQ says 9HD is absent in Tasmania.

Is that the WIN FAQ?

Can someone advise the Tasmanian LCNs for the MPEG 4 channels thanks.

Southern Cross - Seven
6/61 - SCTV
60 - SCHD [MPEG-4 HD]
62 - 7Two
63 - 7mate
68 - Racing.com [MPEG-4 SD]

TDT - Nine
5/51 - Nine
50 - 9HD [MPEG-4 HD]
52 - 9Gem
53 - 9Go!

WIN TV - Ten
8/88 - WIN
80 - WIN HD [MPEG-4 HD]
81/86 - ONE
83 - Placeholder
84 - TVSN


The Southern Cross section, not the FAQ sorry.