What's your all-time favourite radio station?

For me currently it would be the Hit 104.7/Mix 106.3 duo. They’re both stations I grew up with and I will never turn back from them. I’ve been a 104.7 listener since 2011 (I hate their Wake Up Shake Ups, which is my only issue with it nowadays so I rarely tune into it) and a Mix listener since more recently.


ABC local radio Perth 720 whilst listening to cricket and afl
6PR Perth for AFL.


For me it would be Nova 969 purely for F&W and KTM, however the safe / repetitive playlist shits me.

For a CHR station with a good playlist Eagle / Snow fm.


BRock FM in Bathurst is quite good, decent music and great local talk/breakfast/afternoon shows. We are quite lucky to have a local branded station here, as many are now under a corporate name.


For music i98 fm when it first came on air.

Breakfast show 2uw Bass and Pilko in late 80s to early 90s

Best evening talkback

Stan Zemanek / John Pearce / Mike Jefferies
Did always agree with Stan and John but was entertaining.

Best weekend show
George and Paul

Best show that made me laugh
Clive Robertson

Best morning talkback
John Laws although could not listen a lot

Best Rugby League live coverage
Continuous call in the early days. Today is the ABC. The continuous call team went downhill when they stopped talking footy as the main focus and watch it on tv instead.

General sports show, talkin sports 2sm is a show I enjoy listening too.

Best cricket coverage
2ue in the late 80s.

Best community station
SWR fm when the play 70s to now. Best breaky show on air today in my view.


This is how I feel.


Enjoy it while you can; I’m surprised Bill hasn’t gutted it already to be frank.

I missed the best days of radio but I’m enjoying the dribs and drabs of airchecks that get posted online. The best radio stations now are definitely well run community stations with a diverse (but not too esoteric) programming mix and passionate presenters. Radio Caroline in the UK is probably the best all round station for my taste at the moment; a great mix of album rock music and professional, laid back presentation. It’s a pity it doesn’t broadcast locally.

WLNG Long Island NY is another favourite with its emphasis on personality-driven radio- a throwback to Top 40 in the 60s-80s. It’s a shame they’ve modernised the sound (got rid of most of the old PAMS jingles etc.) but it still sounds good.


For me, would be Rebel FM. This is how a rock station should be. Second would be Now FM in Moree, they have a awesome music mix and it local during the workday with music requests all arvo, this is how regional radio should be.


Hmm, a very interesting question.

While I’ve definitely heard some quite listenable programs/stations/personalities over the years, being someone who was born in the mid 1990s I either missed out on or wasn’t old enough to appreciate most of the all time greats. Fortunately I’ve been able to hear at least some of them via the recorded airchecks that get posted online, etc.


3XY circa 1985 to 1991 (excluding “XY Easy Rock”, Nov 88 to approx Jan 90)

I can’t pick an all time favourite. Most have come in and out of favour with me at various stages of my life depending on who was in the presenting line up and what type of music they were playing.

I liked 2Day FM when Wendy Harmer and Martin Molloy were on air but wouldn’t listen to that station today if my life depended on it. I can’t stand ABC radio these days although I had been a regular listener in the not too distant past. I miss Tony Delroy and Angela Catterns. There was nothing better than Triple M Sydney during the days of Doug Murray and Club Veg in the '80s and I’ve swung back to Triple M in the last couple of years (albeit mainly through podcasts) because Moonman and Kennedy Molloy is reminiscent of the radio I enjoyed growing up. I liked Smooth FM when they first started because they were playing stuff I hadn’t heard in years but have gone off them. 2ST is my favourite regional station. Grew up listing to 2WL and 2Double O but have avoided the FM iterations for most of my adult life.

I’ve noted this suggestion. I’d been loving a bit of KOIT and KOST until recently but the christmas music has now kicked in and is an instant turn off for me.


2SM from early 1970s to the early 1980s. Then 2MMM-FM during the Uncle Doug Mulray on Breakfast years. During those times both of them were, to me, perfect radio stations.

Zemanek was the best. I was very sad when he had to stop his show when he got sick. The highlight of his last show was a drunk John Howard calling in to say farewell.


You sure that wasn’t Bruce the Goose being paid to do his best impersonation of ol’ Johnny?

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It was definitely John Howard! :grinning: Here:


101.1 WCBS FM.

How radio should be done.

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Virgin / Absolute Radio (especially from the mid 2000s to mid this decade) - a really good selection of current and past music and some great presenters.


Triple M Sydney of the late 1980s and through the 1990s. Also 2KA/One FM, great local radio back in the day.


Easy one for me.

4IP/Radio 10 from mid 70s to about 1985
FM104 from 1983 - 1989 and all time favourite.

Of the current stations it’s Absolute Radio, Magic UK and KOST.

But all time favourite is FM104 by a mile. Nothing will come close.

For rock, KHTQ Rock 94.5 Spokane. For country, KRTY San Jose and KGU Honolulu.

4IP, Radio 10 , Stereo 10. Unsurpassed since. Local 24 hours with live DJ even midnight to dawn. Local news room. I used to really enjoy the specials that were run on the weekends; taught me a lot about the history of music and the background to some of the biggest bands.