What station am I listening to?


I am listening to the hit mix show SWRFM. But feel like I cheating listening online, true radio nerds should listen on a real radio. But where I live its not easy to listen via fm :slight_smile:


I’m the same, both in preferring to listen via FM instead of streaming.

No buffering, and in most cases, the sound quality is better on FM.

And re SWR FM, most of the time it isn’t listenable enough via FM where I am.


HHH fm has a couple of great shows on Wednesday night. The live rock report at 8pm then at 9pm the chart show. The chart from 1974 tonight has been great so far.

Refecting on 2018 my radio habits has changed a lot I listen to a lot more community radio. How has your radio habits changed in 2018?


So have mine mate. Ive stop listening to the locals since I found out how bad ACE Radio are. 95.3 Triple M was my main radio station I use to listen to, I stopped listen to them back in September when the flipped to that horrid music format.

Now I stream Triple M Brisbane or Rebel FM and stream Spotify.


You should try The Sound from NZ. It’s all I listen to now.


Wow they are playing lady by supertramp. Awesome song. Never heard that song on commercial radio in Australia.:+1:


You can see their playlist on the link below, which is updated at 9am your local time, eg. in AEDT (AEST from April to October) states, it covers 11am to 7pm NZ time.

It’s been said before that musically, NZ radio is so much better than Australian radio. The Sound was one of my most listened to stations whilst I was over there in February. :slight_smile:


They also play Sister Moonshine, School, Gone Hollywood and Goodbye Stranger as well. Also rarely or not heard on our stations


I heard the song bolded on The Sound during my visit there. This was during their normal programming on the weekend when they were not doing the A-Z of their playlist that the station was doing on weekdays at the time I was there. One other obscure Supertramp I heard on the station, which was part of the A-Z, was “Even In The Quietest Moments”.


It sounds a great station putting it on my list. Back to hhh now, the 80s show is great too.


MMM Classic Ads Digital used to play Supertramp’s “School” regularly- this was one of the songs that made them stand out from the pack.

Other stations from across the ditch worth listening to are the various Brian FM outlets and XS80s/XS90s.


MacQuarue S[ports Radio 1278 Cricket Australia v India


Id really recommend Wednesday night on HHH fm, the live rock show at 8pm is a great, followed by the chart show at 9pm. You can listen online too.