What station am I listening to?

I seem to recall a what station am I listening to discussion on the old site so here goes…

I am more seeking advice.

At my place of work I administer an 8 zoned PA system with 3 x DAB+ / FM component radios as background music sources (don’t worry we are APRA / AMCOS licensed). We have several meeting rooms and larger general circulation areas where one of those sources can be selected to be broadcast.

Since commissioning the system the stations I have tuned into the system are;

  1. WSFM
  2. KIIS FM
  3. ABC 702

(As you can guess I’m Sydney based).

Our Staff / Clientele are of varying ages but skewed towards middle aged women (yeah lucky me!).

I have noticed that by far WSFM is the most listened to and nobody listens to ABC 702.

My question is what should I replace ABC 702 with?

And for those interested the radios are Redback DAB+/FM/Bluetooth units and have been on 24/7 since August last year and have not missed a beat! The PA is an Inter M system. Pictures below.

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More Digital?

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Yep I’d go More or MMM Classic Rock.

I’ve ditched 92.7 Mix FM as they play far too much new music and have been inflicted the repeat curse. So I listen to Triple M these days

Just going on what you’ve said your staff & clientele are, I’d be going with Smooth 95.3, or Coles Radio. lol

Yeah, I’d go Smooth as well, More Digital for Fridays?

Yeah, Smooth is the alternative to Mix and WS.

I would go with Smooth 95.3.

Thanks for the replies, I’m leaning towards Smooth 95.3!

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If anyone is after a great eclectic mix of music give Barix Radio a go.

Intended as a backup program source for Barix IP audio products it’s actually an interesting listen.

most popular stations in that kind of workplace would be (I’m in Melbourne and have worked in these places before): KIIS FM, Gold 104 (WSFM in Syd), Nova, Smooth, 3MP (Sydney equivalent 2CH) and Fox FM (2Day FM). Where I worked a few years ago they had a different radio station a day eg. Monday KIIS FM (then Mix FM), Tuesday Nova Wednesday Gold 104 Thursday Smooth FM (then Vega FM) Friday Fox FM.

In my workplace most people have their own radios at their workstations,I do too.If you walk through the factory you can hear 3-4 different stations on,Hit 105 or 97.3 are most popular ,not with me though

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At my workplace, most people listen to iPods with the in ear buds.
Hardly anyone has a radio on.

But the radio reception wouldn’t be great since it’s a big concrete building whereby most people are a fair way from a window (and there’s only windows on 2 sides as well).

We aren’t allowed to listen to iPods connected to earbuds while working,it’s a safety thing ,if you’re listening to an iPod with earphones you can’t hear if a forklift is nearby so you can move out of the way,a guy at work has a Bluetooth speaker and plays music from his phone

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I just getting into Pandora now I am position to do so given my recent change of circumstances. I know it will close its operations in Australia.

Anyway I found you can create multiple radio stations based on a year and random shuffle them all. The variety is great then. I think such a station would well on DAB plus. No genre in mind start from 99 go back to the 60s and shuffle.

The sound quality is also good too. Anyway they will close down this month. I am yet to hear anything. I am on paid subscription. Spotify / Apple Music / iheardradio / Google Music I don’t think has as good radio algorithms though to be honest I have not really tried Apple Music yet.

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Yeah it’s disappointing. They announced yesterday the Australian service will cease on 31st July.

Source: OFFICIAL: Pandora ANZ will disappear on 31 July

A VPN with servers in the USA should solve your problem; it’s how I listened to Pandora well before the local service launched. I find Pandora a little too impersonal and repetitive- I haven’t touched it in years- but it’s good in small doses.

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Yeah just got a message on my paid subscription from Pandora its all over at the end of July. Hope spotify can have a promotion for old pandora customers where we can get the subscription fee for 12 months. :slight_smile:

Enjoying HHH fm 100.1 hornsby. Great 60s show. Nothing too unusal but good hits you dont hear too often these days on radio. i98fm use to play a lot of these songs when they first converted to fm.

I am listening to TLS Saturday night live with Rob Duckworth I think. There is a great format. Talk about music and also play it. The stereo on dab is pretty good.

I am enjoying the 80s show on HHH FM. Ever since my dab radio had issues in my car I must say I am enjoying the low power community stations.

I was listening to this request show 2RDJ Burwood on 88.1 along Victoria Road which sounded networked from 2MCR FM. The DJ was really into the music. Very refreshing. If I listen to SWR FM for my rugby league fix.

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