What station am I listening to?


Tune in 100.1 HHH. They are doing a chart show from 1981.


John Stanley is on 2gb (life and technology)


MacQuarIe Sports Radio 1278 bill & bridge


101fm Logan City


SWR FM. Awesome 80s bloody awesome!


Triple M Country on DAB. Love it


MacQuarue Sports Radio 1278 Melbourne.


Shocker :slight_smile:
Mate if you’re going to be their no. 1 (and possibly only) cheerleader, you should know it’s spelt Macquarie.


I am listening to Macquarie Sports Radio 1278 right now


I’m shocked!

ABC Melbourne, well it’s on, tuning in and out.


6ix have a special on the travelling wilburys. The first album is 30 years old. I feel old. Great album, playing it in its entirety. Unusual these days.


MacQuarie Sports Radiio 1278 with david Morrow & TONY lEONARD


Interesting fact! Blacktown RSL plays The 90s iHeartRadio as their background music.


That’s a bit newish for their clientele?
2CH or Smooth would be more like it!


The title of this thread gave me an idea for a little quiz

What station am I?
(without trying to make the clues too obvious!)

  • I once had a breakfast presenter called Dean Matters
  • The first song I ever played was by Dragon
  • It was once proposed that I convert to FM 97.7
  • I once shared overnight programming with a couple of provincial stations.
  • My first studio was in a lane.




YES! Was that too easy?




You beat me… My screem did not refresh


I’m staying at the Skye Suites Hotel in Parramatta which features iPad alarm clock (Alcatel-Lucent 8125 Audioffice) docks in each room.

They feature internet radio selections although under the location for Australia it features a pretty bizarre selection of stations…