What radio station did you first hear this on?

OK. Memorable songs.

Where and when did you hear them?

I first heard this on FM104.5 MMM during a brief time when they were CHR…

But went down the coast and KROQ pounded it.

I first heard this on Stereo 10

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I don’t recall what radio station I FIRST heard that Chantoozies song on, BUT my biggest radio memory of that song is hearing it on 531 2MC whilst returning from family holidays on the Gold Caost in October 1988. I recall being not far north of Kempsey at the time.

As for Taylor Dayne, my biggest Radio memory of her is hearing “Tell It To My Heart” on shortwave radio, I think on KYOI Super Rock. I was at home at the time. Don’t recall specifically when I would have heard “I’ll Be Your Shelter” though.

Growing up in southern Lake Macquarie, this was pumped out on 2KO often, but I remember they often played their own little sting version

“We Built This City With 2KayOhh”

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So did I back in 1988,these days River 94.9 play it occasionally

First time I heard this was with George Moore on Mix 106.5…

instantly infectious… made me want more George.

Taylor Dane/Shelter got flogged on SEQ stations and yes 4MMM played it a lot but so did QFM/Star where I heard it first.

To the moon and back, first single for Savage Garden I first heard on QFM. I think they still claim to be the first station in the world to play Savage Garden. Just as 4BH was the first station to play Bee Gees

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Not that I like the song but I distinctly remember hearing My Heart Will Go On/Celine Dion for the first time on Mix 106.5 Sydney.

Also Love Fools/Cardigans on that station too.

A bit obscure but King For A Day/Thompson Twins first heard on 4GY.

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Such a distinctive hook… I first heard this with Keith Williams MMM 89FM…


I was DXing one night and on ‘Auckland’s Best Music - Hauraki’ and they were teasing about dropping the new Culture Club song…

There was much anticipation… this was their first new track since their hugely successful ‘Color by Numbers’ album which spawned six massive hits…

Shortly after 9pm they played it… after a long intro talking about Clare Torry…

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I was on a trip to Sydney sitting in the back of a bus with a Sony Walkman on…

New FM was bouncing in and out of stereo…

then this came on… crystal clear…


Actually, Savage Garden’s first single was “I Want You”, which entered the ARIA Top 50 on 28th July 1996 & peaked at #4. “To The Moon & Back” was their first #1 single, which entered the chart on 24th November 1996 & reached #1 on 19th January 1997 (20 years ago!) for one week.

Source: australian-charts.com

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20 years ago… OMG!

The version of this song that originally played on Stereo 10 had all the DJ parts like “looking out over the Gold Gate Bridge” etc replaced with something about Brisbane and listening to Stereo 10.


PS - another song that got similar treatment was the Happy Days Theme song , that when played on 4IP was re-voiced to “Happy days are yours and mine on 4IP” etc.


That’s so cool

I listen to Capital quite a bit…

They recently did the same ~ tailoring Sia…

C’mon C’mon turn Capital on…

QFM also played I Want You so that must have been the one they played first. Anyway they played Savage Garden first, before B105 or anyone else.

Gee that Dr Dream song was a good one. The only station I’ve ever heard that on was Stereo 10 and haven’t heard it for must be close to 30 years!


Yeah I remember the Stereo 10 version of We Built This City. They used the Story Bridge instead of the Golden Gate. They didn’t always play their version though, sometimes played the real one.

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I remember that also

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