What are you watching on television?

I thought it would be a cool idea to see and share what others are watching.

Whether it’s a series you’re currently binging or if you’re watching TV live.

I’ll start.

I’m currently binging Doc Martin (on season two at the moment) but watch weekly the current seasons of Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Dexter, Greys Anatomy and Station 19.

If I’m wanting a break I’ll watch a movie. From December 1 I’ll be watching a Xmas movie every night til the big day.


I have taken a bit of a break from tv. But I have been watching The OC again as I’m listening to welcome to the OC bitches at the same time.

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I’ve been on a sitcom binge lately, mainly switching between Seinfeld, The IT Crowd and Scrubs whenever I’ve had the chance to (which isn’t a lot). I’ve also been catching up on South Park before Post Covid premieres.

As for movies, I watched Boy from Taika Waititi this morning. First time seeing it. Excellent film, full of that great Kiwi humour I love.


Scrubs is something I want to revisit.

I used to like Seinfeld but it’s full of outdated jokes and stereotypes so I just recently threw my box set in the bin (it came with a script if I recall I burnt that ages ago)
Usually around this time I don’t watch annoy Christmas movie is usually horror get together in my family even on zoom. So I try and watch a horror
movie till the big day.

I do not watch television shows on DVD anymore I throw them out after watching once. Usually I use the catch up services . My main services are BBC Iplayer and UKTV play and Now TV for sport catch ups .

What Christmas movies are you watching? Maybe we can post them here and try and watch it together.

I’m currently watching Little Fockers and then tonight’s Dexter.

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Just finished American Rust. Would’ve preferred that it had been a self contained series with a more conclusive ending but still enjoyed it. Jeff Daniels is always great and I’ve loved Maura Tierney since her days on News Radio and ER.

Started BBC drama The Outlaws last night. Wasn’t sure about it at first but it’s off beat and interesting enough to hold my attention for six episodes.

Usually wait and stream weekly episode release dramas closer to the end of their run but couldn’t wait to get into Succession and Dexter. Gives me time to digest each episode and rewatch if I feel like it. Nice to anticipate new episodes arriving on Sunday and Monday nights.

I have never watched little fockers. Is that a Christmas movie?

I recently watched all seasons of ‘Packed to the Rafters’ on Amazon Prime ,then ‘Back to the Rafters’
I miss Aussie made TV drama series, these days all there is crappy reality shows :confused:


Na it’s not.

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