What are you watching on television?

What does that mean?

Everything on linear comes from your point of view?

Just place them in here every day and I will give them a watch.

I have been taping Doctor Who on ABC and New York Super Airport & The Back Side of Television on SBS, so I can binge them during the Christmas break. I still have shows like season 2 of UK drama The Bay, Who Do You Think You Are?, Great Asian Railway Journeys etc. on my PVR.

I watch Seven News at 6pm on weekends and ABC News at 7pm on weekdays.

Oh yes The Bay. I watched season one and wondered if season two must be a different mystery or something.

Here is Binge’s Xmas list:

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Yes it is a different mystery.

Can you put the Cameron Diaz movie on your list. I am not really sure it’s really a Christmas movie though - and I forgot what it’s called :joy:

I recorded every episode of the reboot from 2005 when they began a repeat run at the start of 2021 on ABC TV Plus. It was really good to watch all the seasons in succession because it filled a lot of gaps. I learnt a lot or was reminded of stuff I had forgotten. It was also a good way to appreciate the best actors in the role of the Doctor and confirmed which were my least favourite.

I just started watching The Almighty Johnsons on Amazon Prime this week. I remember catching parts of random episodes late at night when it was on FTA and had always wanted to see the whole lot. I’m half way through season 1 and really enjoying it. Good to see something really different.

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Jeez you sound like fun. Any art is a representation of the time it’s from. It needs to be judged as so.

Shows I watch on TV:

Nine: Today, Today Extra, Nine News, Tipping Point, Millionaire Hot Seat, WIN News (Live in a WIN area) A Current Affair, The Block, The Hundred, Lego Masters

Seven: Big Brother, Big Brother VIP, Olympics, AFL, The Simpsons, Family Guy

10: Basically nothing.

As you can see, I am mostly a loyal Nine viewer, and my family are as well. However, we sometimes watch some Seven content.


Ok watched that one. What is tonights movie?

So tonight we are at mums for dinner and have decided to let her choose. So, sorry! Lol

It’s Holidate on Netflix. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I watched home alone. I will be one day behind you :joy:

I’m watching Mariah’s Christmas Special on AppleTV+ in preparations for part 2 arriving tomorrow :wink:

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Um excuse me? You trying to take over the whole operation here? :joy:

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All good I will be back at it with holidate tomorrow.

Judge all you like, but I’ve been binging Netflix’s Paradise PD. I love toilet humour and this would have to be the most outrageous adult cartoon I’ve ever seen. I actually really like it.

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I skipped holidate again and I am watching single all the way on netflix

As long as it’s a Christmas film from Dec 1 until and including Christmas night, then go for it!

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It is