Welcome to Media Spy 2.0 - Discourse

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[Chortles in Mexican]


sorry guys the spinning wheel that powers the site fell off its axle


Was the email gordon.bruce@wincorp.com.au???


Maybe we should stop :expressionless:


The wheels have no brakes Luke.

At least until the hamster stops running and the forums shut down again.


I thought maybe the site was hosted in South Australia, and thus dependent on some questionable power sources.


Iā€™m not quite sure what caused the outage, kicked it in the guts and it was away again


Like the new mobile theme and the full use of the screen


Damn. Woke up too late to do an April fools announcement welcoming @LukeMovieMan to the admin team.


We pray for the day this happens.


Welcome to MelbourneSpy.


Unfun Fact: Around the time 2.0 launched, the old Media Spy site went down.