We Interrupt This Broadcast

Maybe Seven’s classifiers edited the show and an uncut version does exist, but if so you’d likely see Seven promote “uncensored on 7Plus” or something like other recent shows, so it’s more likely it was produced for an earlier/PG timeslot. But that closed caption pick-up is interesting.


I thought that I read (somewhere) filming was being done right up untill the end of February.

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I wanna sketch you up

We Interrupt This Broadcast continues 7.30pm Tuesday

We Interrupt This Broadcast continues 7.30pm, Tuesday 21 March on Channel 7 and 7plus as Australia’s new comedy obsession brings your favourite (and least favourite) shows to task.

Next week, We Interrupt This Broadcast brings some serious comedy heat to the MasterChef kitchen, one celebrity goes Gaga in the jungle, Stranger Things gets even stranger, and Bondi Rescue lifeguards draw a line in the hot sand.

Special guests Virginia Gay, Elliot Loney, Nina Oyama and Olivia Suliemon join ensemble cast Christie Whelan Browne, Bridie Connell, Michelle Brasier, Adele Vuko, Duncan Fellows, Greg Larsen, Ben Russell and Bjorn Stewart.

We Interrupt This Broadcast is a HELIUM original production for the Seven Network.


Finally a news skit!

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On the topic of corrections, that’s the logo and cast of the Canadian Comedy Inc you’ve used there.


Fixed. There was a Canadian version? :crazy_face:


I had no idea either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just knew that wasn’t the logo or cast, and did some googling.


I got thrown off because IMDB has this photo uploaded as the TV show poster. I assume IMDB has had the wrong photo uploaded there too.

Now that I look close, I can see that the whole cast is totally different. :joy:

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Audience recordings were planned from late Dec till March 2nd (https://tvtonight.com.au/2022/11/audience-tix-we-interrupt-this-broadcast.html) but these appear to have only been screenings of pre-produced material. Don’t know how polished the material screened was? If they were completed eps then filming was probably long finished.

The episodes, so far, only seem to get their final edit a few days before the broadcast.

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I’m surprised it is staying put in that timeslot but i guess they don’t have anything else to put there .

Episode 1 is still the best episode I’ve seen so far.