Had a random epiphany, but intrigued…

What word would you use in almost every conversation in a given day?

And what word would you most likely not even speak in a week?



There’s plenty of words I don’t use for weeks/months/years on end.

What about…vexatious…can’t say I’ve used that in a while.



It’s a supposed lung disease


Are you able to name one of these? I’m interested.


From memory I didn’t use the word Disestablishmentarianism once in 2007.


“A” “The” “And”


I’ve been working with men of construction recently, so my regular-use lexicon has become a bit fruity - but luckly I can balance that with some buzzword bullshit talking to people about strategy, hollistically has got a good run over the past week or so

Been a while since i’ve used the word doyen - I can never find a good opportunity to drop that into a bit of prose


And probably the intervening period up until today - shame you’ve had to break that streak


Taking the piss would seem a logical phrase so far with this thread :expressionless:


Do you work on one of the construction projects i’ve been working with? Thats a favourite


Haven’t used perspicacity for a while.

Meanwhile, take a squiz or is it a butche’s at this. You may find interesting.


Use far too much every day

  • how

Can’t remember ever using

  • thus