Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST)


All for the $$$$$, but it would be good if it was being used for something good as a FTA channel such as Greek or Italian which is something that viewers want down here.


It would be nice if a commercial operator leased the available space for an extra channel or two :slight_smile:

I remember RHC remained as a black screen for at least 2 years after they shut down. It was still in the EIT and all the PIDs were still working. Just no vision or audio. Such a waste.


Yep, that would be good, saving people from having to have a dish for Optus D2 as well.


But when I tried D1 on a dish tuned to D2, I think it came out as the same.

Nonetheless. I have heard story’s of the elderly paying around $25 for the Transponder Frequency that ERT World was transmitting on (before it went off air)

Really a waste. Satellite is really expensive to run and it should be put to good use.


D1’s pretty useless to the average joe since changing to 16APSK a couple of months ago. None of the ABC and SBS channels can be picked up with a DVB-S or DVB-S2 receiver anymore. You need a box that can handle high symbol rates which are as rare as hen’s teeth right now. Even then you’d need a relatively large dish and precise skew. So you’re not missing much!


I might leave that one to the TVHeadend server then.

I might have also tried all of the Optus satellites and yielded duplicates of D2.

This was May 2017 tho…


What do you mean? You scanned them all and they all found the same channels?


Pretty much. I done that many ‘Blind Scans’ and it just kept finding the D2 channels that then made the signal degrade after I scanned it.


Sounds like a dumb question, but are you physically moving your dish to each satellite position before you scan?


Nup. So that tells you how much of a Satellite ‘expert’ I am…


Time to dust the ladder off :wink:


I don’t think Grandma would be happy about that, she wants to watch the black screen on D2 :slight_smile:

It’s funny because the ERT World watermark burned into the screen.

Time to get my own dish (that rotates) for Mum to check out


Another option is to get a an adapter for the arm of your dish so you can pick up multiple satellites. Needs really fine tuning but you can save mucking around installing more dishes.



Like what SelecTV used to have?


Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of winging going on about the loss of ERT Greece and config issues associated with RAI on AsiaSat 5.



It looks like it’s sticking around. Maybe there’s another WA Arts event coming up?


Back before VAST was a thing, it was pretty hard to get anything close to metropolitan grade digital TV. This was the rig I and many others had set up:

Channel list:

  1. ABC WA (Optus D1, 16:9)
  2. ABC2 WA ((Optus D1, 16:9)
  3. GWN (Optus C1, 4:3)
  4. WIN WA (Optus C1, 4:3)
  5. SC Ten (possibly Qld, Optus D1, 16:9)
  6. Imparja (Optus D1, 4:3)
  7. SBS WA (Optus D1, 16:9)
  8. SBS ? (Optus D1, 16:9)
  9. Westlink (Optus C1, 4:3)
  10. NITV (Optus C1, 4:3)
  11. TVSN (Optus C1, 4:3)
  12. Expo (Optus C1, 16:9)
  13. Al Jazeera (Optus C1, 4:3)
  14. SBS World News (Optus D1, 16:9)
  15. Aurora Info Channel (Optus C1, 4:3)
  16. Foxtel iEPG Video Background (Optus C1, 16:9)

The SC channel was a temporary backup feed and would regularly change to other SC operated channels like SC Darwin, SC Tas or other SC Ten’s, without notice.


Westlink has been renamed Business TV2 and is now showing a test card.


I just got myself a second-hand Satking 800CA set-top box to take with us on camping trips. I usually view VAST channels on my satellite tuner card on the PC so I never get to see actual LCNs and channel arrangements. Interesting that GWN uses placeholders on satellite but not terrestrial, yet WIN are the exact opposite.