Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST)


I’m currently staying in Remote QLD for a brief holiday. The TV where I’m staying is only available via a VAST box.

I was looking at the news channel directory before and it seems very outdated.
I recall discussion on here a while ago about the new regional 9 News being available via VAST.
What channel/s will I be able to find those bulletins on? As they’re not listed on the Guide channel (channel 4)?


You won’t find any Nine regional bulletins, only updates. Channel 410 where the noodle updates used to be.


Thanks :+1:t2:


That might have been me. I was wondering the same thing a week or two ago.

As @WAtvVideos said, they’re not on VAST.


It’s seems like a waste of Satellite bandwidth to have 5 versions of ABC NEWS 24 available on VAST, purely only to show a different time on the clock on each feed.

They really should just have the one feed, using the one that has the little “AEDT” next to the clock IMO


It looks like Westlink has been quietly shut down.

It’s disappointing this channel never got fully utilised. In the last couple of years they started airing community TV segments with The Garden Gurus, Sweet and Sour, Woodworking Masterclass, Hook Line and Sinker and other similar programs, but these were aired at random times of the day and were hardly promoted.

It would have been great to see WTV Perth simulcast full time with the occasional breakaway for the government funded programming the channel was originally designed for.


Maybe it has something to do with regional variations in the event of a court injunction in a certain state or something?
Although you’d think that in that situation they’d just keep bandwidth available for an overflow service should it be needed.
Certainly not efficient as it stands.


I think there’s a slight programing variant so viewers in the non-AEST/AEDST states can get live Q&A on Monday nights (when that show is running, of course) but apart from that, I’m pretty sure that ABC News has the exact same programing everywhere across Australia.


I thought Q&A was live on ABC News everywhere, and that there is no variation at all at anytime on ABC News channel.


Last I checked Q&A is live on ABC but delayed on ABC News.


Other way around surely? Q&A is not on 6:30pm on ABC (2 and 20) in WA surely?


Not live in WA at all I think. Let me double check


I think it was bumped from ABC News (24) to make way for Lateline at 9.30pm. Q&A screened at 9.30pm local time on ABC and streamed live 9.30pm AEST on ABC News Radio and iView.


There’s no variations to the ABC News Channel at all.

Q&A airs at 9:30pm local time on ABC in every state and anytime they do choose to simulcast it, it airs live everywhere on ABC News at 9:30pm AEDT, 9:00pm ACDT, 8:30pm AEST, 8:00pm ACST, and 6:30pm AWST.


I think @SydneyCityTV had it right the first time. In 2017 Q&A was live on the news channel in SA, NT and WA (and Qld during DST), while Lateline aired live in NSW, Vic, ACT and Tas.


Not surprised. It’s purpose was once synced with the network of Telecentres in rural and regional WA, and in recent years Telecentres have been largely repurposed as Community Resource Centres.

Nonetheless, I can’t imagine maintaining Westlink would have cost the WA Govt that much money.


Ahh I see now. I’m three years behind. I was thinking back to 2015 when it was delayed on both 2 and 24 outside of the eastern states.


I noticed that the other day. One less narrowcaster on Aurora Digital then (technically the 6XX channels aren’t VAST, but Aurora Digital).


'Tis a sad time. RHC only lasted a couple of years on it, too.


So there’s only Indigenous TV and 3ABN Intl at the moment. I know Optus would love to have more narrowcasters on the platform, especially that there’ll be plenty of room after the Opera airs (assuming 602 disappears as soon as that’s done).