Use of Broadcast Spectrum

Continuing the discussion from Sky News:

Rather then fill threads like the Sky News one with an off-topic conversation, I thought its time to create a new thread so we can discuss the use of broadcast spectrum (be it TV, AM, FM or Digital Radio)


And here is that topic :slight_smile:

I agree - it would allow for a more efficient use of the spectrum (and you’d buy ‘space’, potentially across multiple multiplexes), a bit like how Freeview in the UK works


But the UK can somehow manage with 390MHz Emergency Service Radio, that’s never going to work here.

450MHz in the UK is DTV where as it’s two way band here and VHF high band is used for two way comms where as here it’s used for TV.

Use of slots and other stuff also help over there, on TETRA which is used in the UK and some places here, it has 4 slots meaning 4 users can be talking on the same channel where as P25 which is used here and in the US, only has 1 slots.

For spectrum efficiency, we need to upgrade almost all radios, and then we will have space which is never going to happen.