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Pay TV has stuff all penetration in Australia and aside from sports borders on irrelevant.

If the far right conservatives are included on the new Sky on Win channel, they will likely double their viewers just in regional areas. But still two-thirds of FA, instead of one-third of FA.

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Thanks Paul but just remember that even last week on a bad night, Sunday Night got about 10x more viewers than your rantings on a good day.


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insert predictable and utterly useless comment/whinge/bad joke about comments being off-topic, thus stymieing discussion and preventing the possibility of interesting conversation


As I’ve said before, broadcast spectrum is a valuable, finite asset that needs to be managed properly - no-one (community, commercial, government broadcasters) should have any more or less right to access to it - before everyone jumps on me, this isn’t a reflection on the quality of their product - but gone are the days of needing to allocate a large chunk of bandwidth for a single channel


It being top rating on that platform isn’t really in dispute - but subscription is such a small market in this country, it’s not really comparable to FTA

OzTAM do produce a set of FTA+Sub shares (I think it’s in their weekly reports) most sub channels are lucky to record a blip


I think we can safely say that while Sky News’ political commentary programs rate well by the relatively low standards of Pay TV in Australia, they get comparatively miniscule figures even compared to the individual market ratings of a 6pm news bulletin in Sydney or Melbourne on a bad day.

Do I think programs like “The Bolt Report” and “Paul Murray Live” would be popular if they aired on primetime free to air TV? I’d personally like to say no but realistically, the answer is probably yes knowing how well personalities on conservative-tilting talk radio stations rate in some metro markets.

Personally I agree but despite being a (generally) more professionally operated station than CTS-31 ever was, unfortunately TVS was disadvantaged from the start due to a number of factors which were no fault of their own.

I suspect TV broadcasters are going to have to share multiplexes if/when we transition over to DVB-T2 and HEVC (because of the money that can be made by selling off even more spectrum to the telcos in the process), but that worthy discussion is for another topic.

It’s a good point. It’s like South Melbourne supporters believing they have an inherit right to be in the A-League. They can apply like everyone else and wait for more deserving outfits. Just like Sky should.

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Sky News can wait. See my previous post.

No captions are being provided for Sky News UK.

When I was in London in January this year, I watched a bit of Sky News UK in my hotel, and no captions were available.

Maybe the technicalities of taking it from a international link?

I know the BBC News at 6 replay on SBS at 7am sometimes has captions and that comes off a HD satellite link, so it might be achievable with Sky News UK (who caption at least 80% of their content domestically).

I’ve seen MLB Strike Zone on ESPN with captions, although these had been accidentally turned on by whoever had set up the feed from the Satellite box, so I don’t know how sending those out via a signal would work.

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I swear there was captions when it was/is shown on Sky News Aus.

Yep there’s captions when shown on 600.

Personally Community TV has more value then Sky News on Free to Air. I would hate for Sky News to come to Free to Air in the metro markets. It was abd enough have to skip passed it on foxtel now!

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Seems like the Nine Sky business channel is a completely new channel.


wow…that was unexpected…

Will be interesting to see if Southern Cross carries this channel when WIN will be broadcasting the regular feed of Sky News.

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not really. It was speculated in reports ages ago.

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Today this is I first I heard of it. I haven’t read any articles indicating thiat this was on the works, but thanks for the link.

I’m guessing yes Southern Cross and Nine seem to have a pretty harmonious partnership, could be wrong.

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