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Funniest video this week.



BBC World News will have live coverage of the mid-term election results on Wednesday 10:00am to 5:00pm. CNN will also no doubt have live coverage. Coverage on ABC News channel is from 3:00 to 6:00pm


There is increasing speculation that there will be indictments issued by the special counsel Robert Mueller within the next ten days against some of the Trump campaign officials, possibly Trump Jnr and Kushner, regarding colluding with Russia to influence the the 2016 election. Also today the Wall Street Journal has reported that the Justice department is preparing to prosecute Julian Assange, possibly for his role in Wikileaks releasing hacked Democratic emails in the lead up to the election or for his releasing of secret defence files.



…Trump’s former personal lawyer has pleaded guilty to a new federal charge that involved a plan to give Russian president Vladimir Putin a $US50 million ($68 million) penthouse in a Moscow high rise.

Cohen, who told the investigators that the plans had been scrapped in early 2016, admitted on Thursday that negotiations had in fact continued through June that year.

So just before the US presidential election; so much for definitely no collusion?


Oh man, surely even some diehard Trumpsters will start to see how rotten this is?