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Oh my god. He didn’t really retweet that, did he?

looks at twitter


jesus christ

To be fair, there have been a couple of vids going about on social media with black people walking in front of white people without much controversy.

But for a person of high office to do it the other way around, especially when the media is constantly hounding you about being a racist…that’s either extremely ballsy, or incredibly stupid/naive.

Here’s something I found interesting. It’s from BBC satirical program That Was The Week That Was from 1963 with this musical number about racists in the deep south of the USA.

It contains dancing minstrels and is peppered with racist slurs. It’s clearly taking the piss out of the Ku Klux Klan and segregationists, but this sort of hard-hitting satire would NEVER EVER be permitted on TV today.


Yeah how dare the BBC do its job and investigate and report


Great investigation and reporting! There’s a fake meme on 4chan!


I wonder what other fake memes they’re reporting on…I wonder why only this handful (containing accurate sentiments in any case!) caught their attention…


Does that mean that Trump’s presidency only lasts for two minutes? I sure fucking hope so


Alt-right/white supremacists are scared shitless?


Lol yeah, happens whenever the light is shone on them. They scatter like roaches, often muttering under their breath some empty comment about “PC gone mad”.


I hate to break it to you, but fake images, retweets, fake news have been reported on so many times.


This is a nothing post - the BBC should obviously not be using resources to investigate a handful of fake memes on 4chan. “I hate to break it to you”, but I’m not going over and over the same topic with you.


I hate to break it too you but it sounds like someone can’t win the argument


Not sure there is an argument to be won - nonsense memes posted on 4chan boards are not “fake news” (as has become topical since the US election).


Memes that were shared through-out twitter by official and unofficial accounts. It’s newsworthy


What can I say?

In what could perhaps be blamed on the time he looked directly at the eclipse without protective sunglasses, the president appeared to be confused by the appearance of two blonde reporters at a press conference in the White House.

Both have blonde hair, and also look nothing alike.

PBS Newshour correspondent Lisa Desjardins later tracked down the two journalists and took a photo of them.


An illuminating piece from the Washington Post by a counsel to Watergate special prosecutors which for me clarified why Trump was warned against pre-emptively pardoning his friend the criminal former sheriff:


1 year since this (still unexplained - and no, Heatstroke wasn’t a valid explanation when the ambient temperature was barely 20C) blunder by HRC. I wonder if her new book even mentions it.


Who give a f…?


I thought the explanation was exhaustion and pneumonia from… yknow, a national campaign schedule.

Presidential candidates are human too. I wouldn’t hold it against Trump if he had collapsed on the campaign trail either. They spend two years of their lives crisscrossing the country which I doubt many ordinary people could handle.


Looks so much worse than even I remember it!


Well, voters have the right to choose someone as President who didn’t “collapse on the campaign trail”; someone that could handle criss-crossing the country more than just an “ordinary” person could.


Trump’s poop-tweeting distractions continue (don’t look at Korea, or domestic failures), but at least this time a lot of people are giving him a big FU in response (Washington Post article):

More than 100 players across the country on Sunday knelt during the national anthem or remained sitting in their locker rooms in protest. Most teams in the early afternoon games locked arms in solidarity, with at least three team owners joining their players.

Never mind the brain damage so many of these players are guaranteeing themselves by playing this brutal sport, how dare any of them want to peacefully protest against racial injustice (such as police killing black people)?

It’s just pathetic, and disappointing (but perhaps understandable) that the coverage has given up pointing out attacking peaceful protest isn’t something a US president should be doing.


This could turn out to be interesting to watch from the sidelines - Trump knows this appeals to his base and he may pick up support from other on ‘patriotic’ grounds.

But he’ll also lose support from some - interesting to see New England Patriots (ha) owner Robert Kraft come out and express disappointment in Trump’s comments - no biggy you think, except Kraft happens to be good friends with (and a supporter of) Trump. Not that it has made any difference with the fans, the Patriots Facebook post containing Kraft’s statement this morning is filled with vitriol and hyperbole from ‘fans’

It’s an interesting issue - the concept of freedom of speech and expression against allegiance to country.