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Kinda doubt the recollection of someone called “nontolerantman” is 100% honest and accurate.


Yeah, I’m just looking at the video here…


Which again can be contorted to push a particular narrative.

What details has he left out? What might have caused the reaction? Who cares if some random woman says something to him?

You’re pretending as if the source of the vision doesn’t have a view, which, judging merely by his Twitter name, is naive. There is every possibility he only released the vision sympathetic to his viewpoint and left out stuff which isn’t. A far right wingnut strolling into a feminist March is asking for it.

The vision starts half way through the argument - not at the start as well.

Honestly, for someone who goes on and on about being critical of the content people consume, you seem to show a stunning lack of objectivity when it comes to something which suits your narrative.


Progressive income tax scales are not double dipping.

Other (separate) taxes could be called double-dipping, so are you proposing the abolishment of all other taxes (i.e. GST, medicare levy, fuel tax, ‘luxury car tax’, stamp duty, the new bank profits tax)?

Oh really, how for example does one decide they want to invest it in the defence of their country?

I was thinking of Sen. Sinodinas (the list just keeps getting longer).

OK, I guess the dual citizenship has been at the forefront of my mind, but I won’t bother asking what policies are you referring to; I’ll just note that I see Shorten has kept his head down on the 26 January thing, saying keep it as-is.

What? Since when is compulsory acquisition being used in that way?
Money isn’t identical to property.

Do you have a specific idea on how?
The problem is the far-right choose to spin everything including a progressive tax scale as a hand-out while ignoring the reality that properly funding education & health are investments in the future, including productivity of our nation, and overall (indirectly, over time) helps everyone.

Because it’s a waste of money. Where is the LNP’s increased support for drug treatment programmes, and how about listening to the experts & seeing drugs as a symptom and helping those to deal with their issues instead of just jailing them? (Locking people up unnecessarily is bad all around; jails are expensive, and how many people come out worse than when they went it?)

It’s not one-side versus another.
Everyone paying any income tax contributes to consolidated revenue, and the vast majority of tax is paid by working class people, while the most well off have expensive (the cost of which they deduct from their taxes) accountants & tax lawyers to help them pay less than the average worker.

I’d love the Buffet rule to come in; a simple cap on how much an individual can deduct. It’s a shame many pollies are too gutless to even consider this brilliantly simple measure.

Yeah & no. It’s not just small businesses, and what about the workers, who (as I’d said even the Reserve Bank says) need pay rises.

Out of control inflation was & would be a disaster, but stagnant wages are another serious problem.
Reasonable pay is essential for social cohesion, and helps keep the economy going: A reasonable amount of disposable income will be spent at small businesses (e.g. eating out more often than when a family is struggling to pay the mortgage/rent & power bills).
Lower wages are actually becoming bad for business. More customer demand is what really makes businesses grow; a business won’t hire another person just because they have a lower wage bill, they’d just have more profit, but they will hire if there is more work (/more customers).

So again, the simplistic right-wing slogans/etc. being peddled don’t match the reality of the world.


Some interesting US history:


LOL, you’re pretending I’ve presented the video as evidence in a courtroom and expect a conviction of some type based on it. It’s simply a look into how crazy and deranged the far-left really is.

As to the name of the twitter user (his username actually says TolerantFellow as opposed to his handle, but I suspect they’re plays on the “tolerant” liberal left) - this isn’t something he has personally made lol, it’s simply a snippet of film, so his name is quite irrelevant to me.

As to the source of materials, I unfortunately have to rely on videos like this to see what the far-left is like, because it’s hardly the sort of vision I expect the NYT or Washington Post to publish, right?

And to come to the crux of your issue - what started it - what caused it - what did he say - what was the beginning of the argument - my answer is he could have said something really nasty (pub test check: if he had, they would have pushed him on that point in this vision), but that itself would still not excuse the far-left here.


Erm…we were talking about individuals having no choice that they were born into WEALTH.

As to the abolishment of those taxes - yes please.

I said “after tax” it is up to an individual to decide how to spend their money…

“Property” as you’ve mistakenly used and mockingly referred to, is real property or real estate under the law. Money is indeed property (tangible personal property).

I think the Libs policy that those on welfare can contribute to society by not being drug addicts is a perfect place to start.

But they’re not even referring those who fail to police…let alone charging people…let alone people ending up in jail.

Too many cliches about drugs here, and not enough facts on the policy unfortunately.

Are you for real? Everything you say is false…

The top % of income earners pay a massively disporportionate percentage of tax than others…the “vast majority” is NOT paid by working class people.

In fact, this analysis found that HALF of ALL tax is paid simply by the top 10%…you can imagine therefore what percentage the top 50% of incomes pay…would lead to virtually NOTHING paid by the bottom 50% of incomes (your “working classes”).

The Treasurer’s statement that the top 10% of incomes from working age persons pay 50% of personal income tax is correct.

Just posting the above here for the lolz! :joy:

Erm, it’s not yes & no - YES it applies to small businesses (whether it applies to an even broader field doesn’t change that point on small business…).

Erm, that’s why we have an INDEPENDENT tribunal determining what is REASONABLE!!

Believe me, no small business owner hires extra employees if they are not making a profit. Just doesn’t happen.

If there is more work, owners divide this work onto existing employees (increasing their current workload) until that extra revenue leads to higher profits…in which case, they can afford to then invest in increasing overall capacity with more employees.

You have no idea how small businesses operate.

Funny, in the end, it was your simplistic left-wing slogans/etc. peddled that ended up being false.


The NYT moving onto flimsy ground in continuing to bash Trump for this:

Notably, he omitted blaming “both sides” for the violence as he had on Aug. 15. Those remarks had prompted intense criticism, including from fellow Republican leaders, for seeming to equate the hate groups and the protesters who turned out to oppose them.

The VIOLENCE is a wholly separate issue to the general MORAL COMPARISON of the two groups…is the far-left media full of morons?

YES, two sides CAN be responsible for the violence (hint: stating that “one group turned out to oppose the other” is a pretty good sign that one side wanted to be violent too…).

Returning repeatedly to Charlottesville, he said the news media failed to focus on anarchists, who he said turned out in their “helmets and the black masks — Antifa,” Mr. Trump said, spitting out the nickname for the anti-fascist groups.

LOL! Trump “spitted” out the nickname for Antifa - how shockingly biased does this publication get?!

The president singled out a familiar list of malefactors — including the “failing New York Times,” which he erroneously said had apologized for its coverage of the 2016 election;

Why do they play dumb? Why do they perform these corny “fact checks” that don’t prove anything? We know what Trump is referring to - the NYT Publisher and Executive Editor promising to “reflect” on the months of reporting and polling before the election, aiming to “rededicate themselves” to the mission of Times journalism. In layman’s terms, an apology…

In closing…

It seems to me that the far-left media is saying “X% of America is upset at Trump, therefore Trump is dividing America”. Why is there no consideration of how REASONABLE it is for the X% to be upset at Trump, and whether they are basing that on ACCURATE information and reporting as to what the President ACTUALLY said?

You can’t just base political discussion on the fact certain groups are “angry”!

Now, we know the far-left American media does this…however, there’s no reason Australian media has to cover international politics, not based on facts, but on the FEELINGS of far-left nutcase protestors in the US, also.


Thanks for correcting me on that error.

You’re overreaching with that conclusion.


Just as you did in the first place…? :wink:


Haha, how desperately pathetic is the BBC (of all media organisations?!) doing an “investigation” on Antifa being “smeared”?!!

Don’t worry about the handful of memes on 4chan that you’ve uncovered - we can see with our own eyes what Antifa is actually doing in the US - and what they say publicly aligns pretty much exactly with what these fake memes say anyway!


Ordinarily, a media organisation wouldn’t even touch a ridiculous news story like this, let alone call it an “investigation”.

The BBC feels forced to mobilise public anger against the “far-right” (ie, simply people they’ve discovered posting fake memes…), after the massive attention given to the violent alt-left last week by Trump.

People have always been aware there are a few white supremacist losers out there…what they didn’t know was that there are thousands of deranged nutcases on the left that actually want to kill police officers, or punch white people. So the left-wing media kicks into gear to cover it up.


Get out of the far-right bubble.
As The Independent reported this week it’s not just a few neo-Nazis/KKK/sympathisers…

… and Trump’s a blatant liar; in this case you’re repeating his repetition of the bullshit claim that anti-fascist/anti-racism protesters are as violent as the neo-Nazis/KKK/white supremacists.

(For example, it wasn’t an anti-fascist that murdered a neo-Nazi, it was the other way around.)


So what?
Who cares? It doesn’t matter as long as the extreme right are always targeted and brought down. Very few would see a problem with what the mainstream media is targeting.


Hahaha… love the headline, haven’t bothered with the story (funny as it may be, I resist clicking on clickbait headlines!).


Thanks for summing up exactly the attitude of media in the US this week!

Too bad most of us who still have a brain expect media to…er…report what is actually said and done, rather than “target and bring down” certain groups.


Don’t worry about telling me to get out of a bubble - you still have many of my previous points to address.

Ha, of course they are - you’re confusing ONE neo-Nazi individual who decided to murder with far-left groups that purposely go out on violent rampages (see Washington DC earlier this year).


You don’t think it just a little WEIRD that the BBC (!!) did an investigation on a couple of fake memes on 4chan (which actually do contain the true sentiments of Antifa in any case)?

I find it one of the strangest pieces of journalism I’ve ever seen.


What’s even more funny. Donald Trump re-tweeted this on twitter


Of course a solar eclipse happens when a small dim body passes in front of a much more significant one (source of all life, centre of the Solar System etc) for a few brief minutes and in just a few areas. It generates a lot of media attention but passes very quickly with no lasting effects.