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Oh ok…so normal sort of delays then…?

Joining the queue for GrayOne:

  • KTIV in Sioux City (NBC)
  • WMBF Myrtle Beach (NBC)
  • WFSB Hartford, plus a new set (CBS)
  • WBTV Charlotte (using a different new symbol than the leaked one back in March, CBS)
  • WALA Mobile (Fox)
  • WIS Columbia, WWBT Richmond and WLBT Jackson (all NBC)
  • KSLA Sherveport (CBS)
  • And WTOC Savannah (CBS)

Moving on from big station group… WINK, the only locally-owned TV station in Fort Myers (after WZVN/WBBH’ sale to Hearst), has soft launched a new, grid-based, graphics package. It first appeared on news promos, then the news opens and weather graphics (which beared an uncanny resemblence to ABC’s new O&O graphics), and finally a new supers a few days ago. They also slightly redesigned the wordmark for the occasion.

This is a demo of the new supers, including the new open:

The new look was done by Vivid Zero.

Really simple and impressive look from a local station - looking forward to them starting anew in the new HQ as well, after suffering from the damages in Hurricane Ian.


Anyone know why we are getting the feed of Channel 3 from Cleveland Ohio on MSNBC on foxtel this evening? Morning Joe is meant to be on. We are even getting the ads from WKYZ Cleveland.

Edit at 10:02 aedt Morning Joe feed reinstated.

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How did WKYC appear on MSNBC?

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The feed playing out was just that channel. There must’ve been an issue with morning Joe.

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Possibly someone patched in WKYC over the feed dedicated to sending MSNBC out over international satellite?

Believe it or not, this has happened for an Australian network before, where an unedited tape meant for editing got sent out nationally on broadcast TV, by trying to send said tape over a feed between two cities … while the feed was being used to send a live program from studio to output.

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Not GrayOne, but something interesting Gray-related to share to you: KWQC in Quad Cities, Iowa (NBC) has readopted Frank Gari’s Hello News - one which you’d remember if you watched Seven Melbourne of old! - to their newscasts.

As part of the countdown celebration for their 75th anniversary next year, they also remastered a new image campaign with the jingle too.

It started from Hello Clinton, a special local live programme, a few days ago:

Then the music and promo officially made its debut on Halloween:

In their own words:

(You can also keep an eye on this thread over on TVNewsTalk, which has some insider insights!)

Over on Nexstar’s cable news channel, NewsNation, they quietly launched a new, neater supers, with an ever-present flag of the U. S. of A at the top right whenever they’re going live:

In comparison, this was what it look like previously. They had a couple of adjustments here and there before, each time making it even worse.


Closing the year with another update on the GrayOne rollout:

  • KGNS (NBC/ABC) and KXNU (Telemundo) in Laredo, Texas; this followed a move from their Del Mar Boulevard studio in the north to the southern parts of the region. It is perhaps the first affiliate of the Spanish network to make the switch.
  • KMOV (CBS) in St. Louis. This coincided with them moving away from their longtime Gateway Tower studio to the suburbs and having a new set, plus unveiling the new “First Alert 4” brand since their transitional period in August.
  • WAFF (NBC) in Huntsville
  • WBNG (CBS) in Binghamton
  • And WNDU (NBC) in South Bend, kinda cluncky with their existing News Now branding

Meanwhile, in a group-wide move, Gray is dropping network branding on their local newscasts (specifically NBC Peacocks and the G-E-C chimes in their opening tracks), to avoid confusion with the national ones.

Some like WVVA got rid of the peacock under the new graphics package, whereas stations like WMTV Madison and KNOP Nebraska updated to a relatively older group graphics in the process.


Taking a break from Gray, Cox, another local station group, debuted a standardized graphics package swiftly, with a mix of flat and 3D diamonds. It’s done by Cox Graphics Hub at WSB, who oddly haven’t utilized it fully in the openers. This article has the details. Here’s a look at the new openers and supers.

WFTV Orlando, WJAX/WFOX Jacksonville and WSOC Charlotte:

WSB Atlanta:

KIRO Seattle:

WHIO Dayton:

WPXI Pittsburgh: Really don’t feel this shade of blue matches the station.

And WFXT Boston:

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Big changes at Bloomberg TV from Monday: the biggest change will affect the US morning program Bloomberg Surveillance, which is being split into TV- and radio-specific versions: Tom Keene will remain in front of the radio version, whilst the TV version will be presented by Annmarie Hordern (currently on Balance of Power).

Further changes coming Monday involve a dramatic schedule shift to increase the level of political-centric coverage in the run-up to the presidential election: the US feed loses an hour of closing bell coverage (Bloomberg Markets: The Close) for radio simulcasts. Bloomberg Markets: European Close is scrapped to give the Bloomberg Technology show a new mid-morning slot, and Asian programming will now begin an hour later (0700 HKT), with the 0600 hour now being filled with the Balance of Power show (during the winter) and filler programming from Bloomberg Originals and Quicktake.

More changes include a new studio from Clickspring Design to house the new Bloomberg Surveillance TV programme:

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Interesting, WCBS New York has rejigged its 6pm programme with a new format, leaning into more of CBS Evening News style.