TV Week

A bit overdue with the H and A cover :wink:

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And we’re back to H&A…

Welcome back H&A. You were “missed” by many.

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With this latest issue, i am surprised that they haven’t mentioned that the Logies Nominations come out this Sunday, and thus should be featured in next Mondays issue. Either in the editors column, or at the end od the mag in “whats in the next issue” section.

From my understanding, the actual mag hasn’t even mentioned any of the changes happening at this years Logies (changing the awards).


H and A gets its second consecutive cover on the week of Logie nominations.


Happy 80th Ray!

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Strange decision to put Ray on the cover rather than use those Logie nominees as the main photo. Ironic since Home and Away crashed in nominations to just one this year.


Just one this year? That’s not like H&A.

TV Week actually surprised Ray with a birthday cake, with a custom made magazine cover on top.


The Instagram account of Home and Away replied in the comments:

Can confirm the cake was delish :yum: :drooling_face: :cake:


Home and Away’s James Stewart on the cover this week.

EDIT: the cover title “This is for Her” refers to Scout, James’ 12-year-old daughter with former partner and actor Jessica Marais.

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Again. Third week running. Ugh!

We had a great run of non H&A covers in recent months, to now run them 3 weeks in a row? Sigh…

I assume that there will be a piece on each Gold Logie Nominee in the coming weeks (as Julia Morris is in the bottom left corner)?

The Julia Morris photos are great and would have made a better cover. So is the photo of Julie Goodwin for her story and that could have been a better DWTS cover also.


Binge/Foxtel gets the cover


Nice picture of Sam Neill on the cover.

Today’s Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo on the cover this week, marking the start of the Paris Olympics.


How much have they touched up Karl’s face?


Karl has had some work done.