TV History


Loved that theme song of Sale in 2000!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did bring it back. They did something similar with Big Brother and had a reunion and then they announced that Nine was reviving it.
Stranger things have happened!
I hope they do bring it back (even temptation) it was a great show.


As long as a reboot isn’t along the lines of the Price is Right which turned into an ad for Big W.


Anyone recognises this piece of green card? This was taken by a friend who works at a Commercial TV Network where pieces of card like the one featured use to appear on TV each afternoon!


Ready, Steady, Cook.


Indeed. Was part of the “At Home Sick From School Starter Pack”! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This year is the 60th anniversary of children’s character Mr Squiggle. To celebrate the milestone, the Royal Australian Mint will release a limited edition $2 coin. The coins will be distributed through cash registers at Woolworths across the country from today.


I just watched the first episode of it and holy shit, the amount of big W ads was insane.


Good tribute but the show was axed ages ago.


Shameless promotion for Windows 7 via a GO! ident, 2009:


Its a wonder that they haven’t tried the same thing with an ALDI logo (somehow).


Don’t give them ideas!


Not sure if this is the right thread for this but definitely worth a watch


Jan Deane was the newsreader on ABC Goulburn Murray right up to last year.