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Yep, my understanding was Echuca got good signal from either Shepparton or Bendigo, so didn’t really need translators locally. In the analogue days at least antennas in town from memory pointed either way (or sometimes both ways). Further north toward Deniliquin was a different story where the signal from both main sites was a fair bit weaker, hence the GMV translator


According to this brochure from Hills Antennas in 1991, Echuca wasn’t even designated as a translator site within the Goulburn Valley coverage area so that aligns with them getting good signal from Mt Major. And it appears at the time Echuca was part of the Goulburn Valley coverage area.

Looks like by 1999 only AMV (Prime) and GLV (Southern Cross) had UHF translators in Echuca. Perhaps the VHF signals from ABC (ABEV1 Bendigo) and WIN (GMV6 Shepparton) were enough that they didn’t need a local translator??


$2,000,000 offered on Deal or No Deal in its first season in 2003 was the highest ever prize offered on a game show in Australia but it didn’t go off.


I remember staying at a caravan park in Echuca in 1984, and the owner told my parents that there was no TV available because “the transmitter was over the other side of Bendigo”, thus inferring that reception wasn’t very good.

I asked them what about Shepparton, my folks said that they didn’t know about that.

Of course, that could simply be the owner being cheap and thinking we would believe him.


I also noticed that Bendigo had a community television licence in 1999- does anyone remember it?


Ten News promos from 2004-2007 uploaded by “heymannyg”:


Yep, there was never any translator in Echuca.


I heard that Bob Peters did the voiceover for the TEN News promos in 2004 even though he was doing V/o at the Nine Network.


I thought Phil Baildon (who was still a prominent VO at Network Ten back then) did the “Who makes Ten News the #1 show/First At Five? You do.” voiceovers for those 2004-05 promos.


I wonder if it would be cheaper for Ten to screen repeats of Video Hits in the early hours of the morning rather than repeat programming


Probably not as they’d to pay licencing on the music played.


Is that the agreement for all shows like Video Hits?


Any show that plays any recorded music. Sometimes TV shows will produce and record their own tracks to avoid paying for recorded music.


Pretty much every show on TV then.




There was by the late 1990s, in the ABA list of broadcasting and television stations in 1999 there are two translators licenced for Echuca (see below), but it appears that they dropped off the list after 2003 and were not replaced with digital transmitters. I suppose it’s possible they were licenced but never switched on?


AMV61 Commercial 758.224 V OD 100 -36 7 50 144 44 47 1384040
Water Tower High St
GLV64 Commercial 779.224 V OD 100 -36 7 50 144 44 47 1384222
Water Tower High St


They were such great news promos


Very interesting! I wonder why they would have bothered given Echuca is in a primary reception area, and not in a valley or anything?

Could be that they never got to air. But thanks for checking into it and my apologies for making a sweeping statement!


Contuining from my last post here… The 15 second (short) Sydney versions of the Speed Of Life promos:


National Nine News Perth - ‘40 Years of News’ Report:

First few seconds is missing